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The photos shown below were taken in 1959 by a member of the Harlem Neighbors Association on the day when wife of President Franklin Roosevel and a major civil right leader of the time - visited Harlem and the school where a reasearch project was conducted by the Community Service Society (NYC) and its Harlem District manager, Ruth Shield Downing, originally from and born in Atoka, Oklahoma.  Her father was a Samuel Downing who was half Choctaw and served as a corpoal in Teddy Roosevel's Rough Riders.

Ruth began this project starting with the premise that negro children, hispanic, native Indian, Chinese, Russian, Asian Indian, it doesn't matter - are equally capable of high achievement in complex subjects such as medicine, law, engineering, biology, architecture, and so forth. What separates the so called "minorities" from the boys and girls living along Park Avenue, Madison and 96th area, etc., is is what her step son, Nenad, called "Economic Prejuduce." 

Ruth's brother, Todd Downing, first native American to have written quite a few volumes of mysteries during the depression years and then afterward, and all are based in Mexico.  His Todd's last book, The Mexican Earth, published by The University of Oklahoma. He was a graduate from that University (Phi Beta Kapa) and taught Spanish and read and wrote in Greek, and French. In The Mexican Earth you can really begin to understand how seemingly minor behavior - subtle though it may be - when directed to a person, especially a child, that is a "minority" it can and does instill a sense of inferiority in the child. Prejudice stings.  Prejudice comes about from ignorance and fear - fear because it is instinctive to fear the UNKNOWN, that which on first viewing seems alian and different. You see this in episodes of that series, "The Wild Kingdom."

Ignorance is less forgiving because ignorance comes to us from a lack of knowledge and by making some effort to become educated of the other person's differences, both physically and culturally - we can tamp down step by step our irrational behavior toward the other person we associate with. There is some flow, some intermingling of both the effects of prejuduce fear of the unknown and lack of knowledge of the other side.

In my sort of autobiography - I mention that the slums of Chicago, New York City, Manhattan (from which I am an escapee) and the slums where ever you go - be it to Calcutta or Bombay, those in Rhio and Mexican City, are the result of ECONOMIC PREJUDUCE and I have developed the idea in its rough form.  You can read that development as it is in this web site.  I will provide the hyperlinks later so that it will be easy to transition. As I am writing extemporaneously my thoughts - I loose track of my thoughts and sometimes this means a good idea goes down the drain metaphorically speaking.

I found these photos, more still, when I returned from the nursing home where my wife is staying - temporarily I hope.  I thought I had lost them about the time Corona came around.  So I gave up because I did not believe that any one would give much credence [credibility, plausibility, believability, i.e., Further studies are needed to lend credence to this notion] to what Ruth was trying to convey, proove if you will.

About the time when the Corona virus somehow appeared in the Western World - I was listening to some of Minister Louis Farrakhan's preaching. If you give him a chance and listen to what he actually says - I believe you will come to see why he is a man of GOD, one who fears God in the sense revealed in both the Old Testament and the Holy Koran. One thing that has annoyed mainly white people about Minister Farrakhan is his statement that the Negro Race as a whole - collectively - is more intelligent than caucasian. He doesn't define what he means by "intelligence." But don't take your colostomy bag off too quick when I tell you that from all the studying I have done on the subject of IQ - I conclude that the Negro PROCESSS INFORMATION faster than his white brothers and sisters.  I will try to insert the hyperlinks in the next few days. But if you go to and then, as some say, "drill down" to you get to "Sketches of a Life" and go to Avenue of the Trees (and enjoy the paiting if you care to or dare to) and read the vertbage where I sum up why I think IQ standards and measurement are a myth.

If you read my attempted analysis I think Minister Louis Farrakhan [1}  [2] would agree.

Minister Farrakhan urged his members to NOT take the vaccine GOO. Most it seems followed his advice.  As a group they have the lowest hospitalization rate do to covid of anyone else. [3]

In closing for now, hold on to your colostomy bag just a little longer. I think that ECONOMIC PREJUDUCE is the root cause of slums and poverty in various cultures of the world.  I think that President Xi of China expresses it well when emphasising COMMON PROSPERITY for all people of whatever culture.

When you have created an economic system such as is now in the United States, much of Europe, and certainly what once was Great Britain, where most of the wealth is captured by the top 1% - and certainly owned by the top 10% you have created the same real conditions as existed in Pre-France and eloquently described by Thomas Carlyle in his book, The French Revolution: A History. But Caryle is not the only one who has seen the fatality that is fast approaching the Western world. Read Simon Schama, Citizens A Chronicle of the French Revolution, 948 pgs, also there is Nesta H. Webster, The French Revolution. If you to get a real feel for that time then try reading Napoleon by Emil Ludwig (one of the most prolific writers of the early 20th century). You can get some of these at  and always,  There are in fact hundreds of books written on French Revolution. Those places where freedom exists as a large part of the culture and government - we owe it all to the French Revolution - whose people by all appearances and actions are not bleating sheep when their freedoms are encroughed upon as has been the case the last two years in the United States.  But it may be too late for America. The U.S. has become the land of sheep [John 10:27]

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:" KJV.

American people mostly claim to be followers of Jesus, Christians. Then it logically follows using St. Euclid logic, that the American people have become sheep. But there is hope. There was a time some 80+ years ago when it seemed that America was going to become part of the dustbin of history. But it didn't happen, did it. Why?  Audio