Russia, a Magnificent Culture and Astonishing History

Time to start developing a theme for the web page title - which is bold in its claims, I will admit. But ever since age 14 when I went to Chicago (from St. Louis, via the train, which not only ran more or less, on time, but passenger trains were wide-spread in use in those days, and as a side activity (though sometimes I think this WAS the actual purpose of the trip (to see for myself the ''boogie man''a  troupe - ie., a group of actors, or dancers, etc, performers for an audience) saw LIVE, a genuine Russian Ballet tour group, Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky Ballet, ofcourse, and then afterwords I went to see for myself the bus which had brought these dancers and support from - a confinement cell? to prevent escape to freedom?  I didn't get that impression, folks.  It must have been that I was ONE OF THEM because when I waved at these Russian (Soviet) visitors - they waved back as though I was something special.  It must of been they thought YOU ARE ONE OF US! I don't know.  But for sure I knew they were human beings, somewhat similar to myself, and they had a talent I could only wish I had been capable of developing such style.  I guess what I remember most from that trip, wasn't being psychoanalized by the renoun Dr. Anthony, but a particular, Russian special so to speak, when I think Russia, I seem always to go back to here, that night in Chicago. Alexander Kalinin i Russian Dance 'Trepak' The Nutcracker   [ music only ]  From youtube    


AlexanderKalininRussianDanceTrepakNutcracker Kalinin Russian Dance 'Trepak 'Nutcracker.mp4

Oh, by the way, read this on the youtube link given,
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Tropak or trepak is a traditional Ukrainian folk dance that spread throughout the Russian Empire. The tropak shares many musical and choreographic characteristics with the better known hopak. Both developed as Cossack social dances, performed at celebratory occasions.

Choreography [ The art of creating and arranging dances or ballets ] By Alex Kalinin. He was born in Moscow, Russia and began his dancing career at the age of four with his father. He graduated from the prestigious [indeed it is, {nc} Bolshoi Ballet Academy of Moscow. He has performed and toured as a soloist in over sixty countries with the most prestigious dance companies in the former Soviet Union. After immigrating to the United States in 1981, Mr. Kalinin has performed on stages from New York to Los Vegas, Reno, Australia and throughout Southern California. He has taught dance for over twenty-five years in US as well as abroad. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Kalinin Dance Company.

Go to the link for this " Russian dance trepak nutcracker " and look down along the right side-bar and appreciate the high cultural level of both Russia and Ukraine - just in this area of Ballet. Ever wonder what provoked the German SS military to ravage and destroy so much of Ukraine culture, architecture and so forth, and then on into Russia and continue the process, including destroying the home of Leo Tolstoy ---> intentially, with MALACE to all Ukrainians and Russians?

I will tell you from a source (I was told this some fifty years plus ago, by a person in a small apartment in Greenwhich Village, Manhattan) who was working at the time directly in the home office in Berlin of the German Foreign Ministry under von Ribbentrop - (i.e., specifically NAZI Government - the distinction being that the German Army never as policy took it upon themselves such barbaric slaughter of innocent civilians and property and never did the German people - those who knew or suspicioned such cruelty condone or give support to such cruel treatment of innocents. I do not recall any WW-II history books that associate the names of such magnificant (military wise, as soldier) generals and Field Marshalls as Manstein, (one of their finest, if not finest of Germany's top generals/Field Marshalls) Gudarean, Rommel, etc., with such despicable conduct as that performed by SS on innocents in Poland, Soviet Union, Hungry and many other countries in the European sector.


According to Chinese teaching, the longest journey begins with the first step. I want to start this journey into Russian history, it's past, on a sad note.  Because if there is anything that describes Russian history it is in the PATHOS, in a word, the sorrows in their history. And I want to work my way from the present - history now in the making - because the philosophers have often said, ''Those who cannot remember the past are condemmed to repeat it.''



Santayana is often credited with being the originator of the saying that the past repeats itself, that history is cyclic.  The fact is that this idea was expressed by Thucydides during his writing of the history of the the Peloponnesian War.

"The Peloponnesian War was an ancient Greek war fought between Athens and Sparta and their respective allies for the hegemony of the Greek world. The war remained undecided for a long time, until the decisive intervention of the Persian Empire in support of Sparta. Wikipedia

''I shall be content if those shall pronounce my history useful who desire to give a view of events as they really did happen, and as they are very likely in accordance with human nature, to repeat themselves as some future time, if not exactly the same, yet very similar. Thucydides''History I.I.2

So in ancient times wrote Thucydides, who gave the world the concept of a cyclic design in history, who contended that as man remained unchanged in his nature – his acts would tend to be similar.

History was for him (Thucydides) therefore, not merely the accurate record of past events for the delectation of the curious, but a great teacher who could not only explain the past but, in some degree, foretell the future. by Prof. F.F. Liu, quoted in his book, A Military History of Modern China, 1924-1949, see pg. 271 EPILOGUE: PORTQAL TO THE FUTURE.


This video is Rev 0, first attempt at and I want to tell the introduction and the basic film in terms of Ivan's song (what he sings) and then take short segments and put the film together and then for moments when out of the dispair comes victory, such as Battle of Borodino, technically a defeat but effectively a turning of the tide by willing sacrifice and lead in with the pathos in Tchaikovsky's opening movements and then the wake up moment and then afer a while finish off with his final movements in 1812,  for WW2, lead in with xxxxx   and just for fun   Ravi Shankar, Improvisations   [ To understand the the Apu Triology is to understand India and to come to understand much about ourself ]   He wants to know, "are you sure you want to take this on? Ivan ?    I think so.  It would be a new learning experience and allow some artistic touches some of which when I gave up painting over 40 years ago - I may have lost.

Mother Russia, do not weep for me , Now listen. At 51 seconds you will see the video clips starting wth the boy Ivan (12) and presumably his mother, looking down a long well.  The video program you ought to use is the VLC as it has the necessary encoders to show the videos.  If you use "Real Player" you will hear the music and singing but not see the videos.  There is long pause at 3m 58 the eerys song begins again.  then the mystical singing begins again.  At 8m 20 is SS, here to finish the job. Ivan weeps if not for himelf, then for whom?  Total length is 16m 44s  Remember, this video is just experimental, learning how to put together ''film'' splices and what-nots to be able to tell a story.  The learning curve on this software is about as steep as climbing Mt. Everest.  At 720 there is another pause because we are going into the third clip. In this clip you will see the SS, Ivan crying (but why) the President, the Nation's flag, the Great Seal of The Russian Federation... I'll survive  [remember, I have a lot of cleanup, etc. this is only draft to see if I have the basic process down correctly. First learn to finger paint then bring out the sable brushes for the fine details]

I'll provide the English translation of the poety tomorrow (today, now 3:45 sleep not until I am finished) Ivan sings with such real feelings. Why? Why is he so sad, so mournful, so much sorrow.


In do not weep for me video the first transition to another photo begins exactly at 8:18 minutes.  And you recognize the tall man SS, look at the driver in the car emblem on the, I guess it is called lapel.  And you see the destruction?  what I said earlier on the top of the index page, to be moved over to this page soon.  Ivan is all about the destruction of children in war.  Little Ivan exemplifies what war really does to children such as him (12).  [exemplify, to show, to illustrate by example]

Do you know where the "... do not weep for me, I'll survive" comes from?  I'll tell you a small bit.  It is from a book I read in 1995.  A large book.  Way too big to remember many details.  It's author was all the rage back then. And today, the President himself holds this author in very high regard. 


The song Nightingale by Maxim Troshin: ---

Don't sing Nightingale, outside my cell

And do not disturb my prayer, nightingale.
I too have suffered for Many years In this world


I have endured many troubles, And haven't known Any joy.
And now I'm afraid, Both destiny and people.

And I share my griefs With my small cell.


Fly away nightingale Fly away to those Parts of the world.
Fly away as soon as you can - Where my fartherland is.


Gently whistle, Sharing with it The pain I feel inside.
When I'm thinking of it - Tears flow down my face. I wish to forget - All those past days
And should love Only the rosary.


I wish to forget that Deceptive light. And I have decided To live like this Till the end of my time.


Come back nightingale When I have come to The end of my journey.

Then sit on my tomb And have some rest.

Don't you sing Nightingale - Beside my cell. And do not disturb my prayer. Nightingale.



''All's Well that End Well''

And the president wishes all of you to join in singing our nation's Anthem

A Kopek for you if you can identiy where I got the title, phrase, ''Do not weep for me, I;ll survive''





Owen Mac,  I Will Always Have an Irish Heart




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The Teachings of Swamiji Vivekananda













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Fr. John Corapi, STD The New Catechism of the Catholic Church as Commissioned by Pope John Paul II and Created Under the Direction of Cardinal Ratzinger, Later Pope Bennedict XVI



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Add about reticular activating system and effect of pot, depression, schitzoid and schizophrenic behavoir. and the wake-up effect of ritalin, LSD, etc. by the RAS. At least it seems to explain some of it from personal experimentation. Relate how just half of a very stong joint from Columbia brick seriously impared my ability to do the higher level mathematics such as the differential equations course and almost required my changing major to something less academically demanding. This was my sophmore year.

During freshman years I had made the Dean's List, twice I believe it was. My experimenting with strong pot from Columbia, just one time (during my college years) almost wrecked my plans on becoming an electrical engineer.  Perhaps Elon Musk can handle pot and still fly to the moon on one of his rockets.  But my guess is that if he was really smoking pot when I saw him on the television - then it was proably weak local grown grass (pot) not worth the bother, frankly.  With really good stuff - the joint you roll will be thin and tight.  And you wiil do good to get half-way through it before you are ready to do your launch.  And what ever he was actually smoking it wasn't good weed because it created TOO much smoke.  A good joint will not produce the cloud I saw surround his head that time on TV.

With LSD (purple microdots were the best} in the 1980s it was quite the opposite experience.  LSD seems to me, at least experimentally, to have no kinship with amphetamines.  It may chemically, pharmaceutically, but related but I don't think so. With LSD the initial experience is the most expanding.  But then with more and more you build up a tolerance and then you search for that first glorious trip.  But I think that good and pure, not contaminated, LSD has some remarkable psychiatric treatment properties. By the time I took my first trip (and I did take all necessary precautions such as putting the guns in the far barn and locking the gates) I had reached a state where I could not function and was at risk of not being able to do my job.  I had been smoking strong pot day in and day out. I had lost all motivation. I could not longer organize my thoughts. Time was now distorted continuously.  Ability to do abstract reasoning and thus my job -had left me.  I saw in myself what was happening to me.  But I could not stop.

Before I took the purple microdots I set up my artist easel and got out the pigments and the brush.  I would record the event, whatever it was to be, for my own history book.  I was to open my own Doors of Perception as Aldous Huxley had done with mescaline, the better part of Peyote, a cactus.

<aside> You know, as a young teen I had read of William Blake, who was artist and poet.  Some of the books said he was schizophrenic because of his sometimes bizarre art and poetical work.  I don't really know.  I do know that after I came to USA and started attending the school (I had NO prior education, could not read, write, not even write or spell my name, whatever the one I was asked to chose.  In school I could not funcitoni. I was then almost nine. I was then tested and tested and tested. Ruth was a psychiatric social worker involved in research at the Payne Whitney Hospital.  Janey (Mary Jane Sherfey) was a medical psychiatrist, also involved in research. And one of them I was to chose to be my official mother.  So, naturally test they did. And I was first labeled as being educationally mentally retarded.  But then, and on into when I was 13-14, I would hear voices, I would hear my name being called, Nenad, Nenad.  Thus, once again, test, test, test.  Yes, I was withdrawn, preferring not to be around people. But, if you have been hit from time to time as I was in the camps by one of the adults, you will acquire an aversion to adults - you will flintch and pull away when a person comes close, draws his hand near to your face. </aside>

''Schizophrenia is a severe, chronic mental disorder that affects the way an individual acts, thinks, expresses feelings, gets real, and relates to some other things. Even though schizophrenia is not common as some other major mental diseases, it might be the most disabling and chronic. Individuals having schizophrenia sometimes have problems doing well at work, in society, at school, and also in relationships. They might have the feeling of being withdrawn and frightened and can appear to have no interaction with reality.'' 

Yes, true that is.  But if they appear to be ''numb'' to personal relationships, deprived of the power to feel or move normally; benumbed; emotionally unresponsive; indifferent to death or suffering - it is just that - they appear to be ''numb'' to their world, a world that those fortunate enough to have been spared of wars reality will never know and thus may never understand what this "numbess" that so many saw in the people who survived from the truth of war: the peoples of Soviet Union, China, Japan, Poland, Serbia, Philippines, so many places, so many that we should not rememer.

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Video credits: From = Only the dead have seen the END of WAR, by 3nohzion TV = Drums of War Epic Drum and Percussion Music, by Dark Sonic

Video editing software by NCH Software,  Using VideoPad. For audio editing I used WavePadSound Editor. Product experience with this Australian company, greater than 15 years. 100% satisfied.

Note: Drums of War replaced into video as I felt that Drums of War music better expressed the horror of war, and especially what it does to children.

Video & audio editing and necessary web coding by Nenad Cuic of the Kingdom of Serbia. Also, this block, this 'div" will be moved to my 'blogging page, now being developed and to be called 'On Freud's Couch in Repose''


''WAR IS HELL ''  General William T. Sherman, USA Civil War, 1880 speech.


The video above is 2 minutes of horrendous video footage of the bottom line in what happens when collective madness takes over human's otherwise rational minds. This war in Ukraine, which at the moment is a ''proxy'' war (See ref. 1 below) but perhaps not for long.

From all appearences and news sources other than American main stream media (MSM) sources, such as TV outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc., United States in consort with their long time partner Great Britain, and also former German Chancellor, the Merkle woman and too French President Macroroni - engineered this war between Russia and Ukraine for the purpose of destroying the Russian Federation and then busting up the huge land mass, some 2 and 1/2 land size as USA  - in order for Rusia to be exploited for its vast almost unlimited - at least for several hundred years - resources. 

The conspiractors, for that is what they are (USA, GB, France, German, possibly others but of minor significance in the total scheme) had plotted the present situation back in I believe it was 2014 when the MISK AGREEMENT between the principal parties, Ukraine, USA, RUSSIA, GB, German and France Macrononi was agreed upon.  But in reality, by their own public admissions, mainly by the Merkle woman and French President - their participation was all a subterfuge. (See Ref. 2 below)

It appears that the Biden administration and their Gang of Four - had anticipated that through the use of massive sanctions, and the disconnect of Russia from the "Swift" communications system that allows countries to transact busines - that they could bring about an economic collapse of Russia Federation. 

The Gang of Four plus Biden plans sort of boomeranged, didn't it..  In fact, after the USA and Great Britain in actualitity ''appropriated''' over 350 billion of dollars held in "trust" by them, the Pirate countries led by their Pirate in Chief, Biden - but belonging to Russia and its people.  Other countries were shocked into a sensible response.

''Wait a minute! If USA and GB can grab Russian money deposits in the Western Banking System - they can ''stick it to us in the same way.''  These countries were shock at what happened.  The United States it had long been assumed - was governed by an honest system of laws.. These countries such as India, Turkey, in fact most all of them, realized that the same thing that happened to the fabulously oil rich country of Venezuela could quite easly happen to them if the fangs of the United States were directed at them. . In this case they, the USA and its cohort partner, GB appropriated (that means they stole) most if not all of Venezuela's gold. 

This act of theft was the first step in the plan to totally destroy Venezuela economy and strarve its people in the process. Biden and his Gang of Four assume that if the people of Venezuela get hungry enough and enough of their children die from lack of medical supplies and food - the ''people'' will rise up and demand the overthrow of the corrupt venezuela government in a peoples ''color revolution.'' This ''color revolution'' is to be colored RED as a reminder that the United States is the  EXCEPTIONAL NATION - a nation above all other nations of the world - in setting the standard for morality, truthfullness, justice and their American Way.

Ref 1. A proxy war is an armed conflict between two states or non-state actors, one or both of which act at the instigation or on behalf of other parties that are not directly involved in the hostilities. In order for a conflict to be considered a proxy war, there must be a direct, long-term relationship between external actors and the belligerents involved.. Wikepidia

Ref2. A subterfuge is the use of deception to achieve an end (in the case now before you - this END is to be the destruction of the Russian Federation). A subterfuge is a deceptive stragagem [a strategy to us] a device. The American Heritage Dictionary of English Language, 5th Ed.





The voice that I would hear calling me was, I am certain, was that of my mother, Radja.  She was living in Garden City and teaching at St. Mary's School for Girls.  I was living in St. Louis County with Ruth, a very kind person.  The lonliness that I felt was real.  I cannot deny it. Even today that echo of the past, and the lonliness returns when I think about it.  I was never schizophrenic, never mentally educationally retarded.  I was the child of a great war. And I was one of the lucky ones. 





Mazurka Dabrowskiego   (This is really one neat song, anthem. It tells you that the Poles have a lot of fight in them and won't take BS from anyone no matter how big.)

a really great sounding song

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Go Poland, You won last year - You Can Do It Again

Poland Wins Again


Poland Beat the Russkies Today

Tomorrow is Another Day

Serbia Yesterday, Serbia Today, Serbia Tomorrow


When at First You Don't Succeed

Try Try Again


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(2023-Jan-25) A Flight to the Past



Which of you, wishing to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost to see if he has the resources to complete it?







*  *



not like what you have to say - that may not like your opinions on this or that. Even Emily Dickinson had her share of finger-pointers. If you have read some of her poetry you would not think that could be. 


I find Adolf Hitlers paintings and sketches quite good, in fact I think some of them are really nice. His sketches and paintings are similar in many ways to the works of Utrillo. Go google or duckduckgo Utrillo,


Then checkout Hitler's art work.




I find Utrillo's work nice. But nothing mystical. I find Hitler's landscapes beautiful in a mystical sense. Almost enchanting. I think for sure that a British Gainsboro or Turner is clearly magnificant art. In fact, in 100 years from now, history may well say that Britain's finest hour was proably the time of Gainsboro, Turner, Shakespeare, etc., but that for the 20th and early 21 century it lost its grandure and turned to mush. 


If you want to psychoanalize me through my art (I hope never through what I write as it is not only grammatically incorrect - but I never know whether I am serious or not - perhaps now emerging dementia, perhaps in my childhood - emotionally unstable in a sort of way.


My favorite master of the landscape artist has to be Meindert Hobbema, (1638 - 1709). The original is in the London National Gallery. I think that alone is sufficient reason for Vladimir Vladimirovich to NOT Nuke London (as Col Douglas Macgreggor has alluded to that this might well happen if Biden/NATO push too far). Aim Satan II at Liverwust if you must. Cook them in Satan II's giant microwave - but leave London alone.

10/23/2023 I still think that if VP decides to NUKE France and great Britain, he should spare Paris and London as both these cities have the finest art museums in the world, and I think without argument, the Louvre being the first among equals.  So, from the need to preserve The Greatness that was (if VP nukes them) in Man when he is behaving at his best - that is sufficient justification to NOT nuke Paris or London and for the very same reason, give NYC a pass and if you must nuke Manhattan (why a nuke any any other part of NYC, for what they are worth, and too waste a good Satan II).  That will allow future survivors, mutants though they may well be, to at least see for themselves what the better side of mankind was able to do when they behaved in more logical ways.





The Guggenheim's architect was of course, Frank Lloyd Wright. When I think of Frank Lloyd I think of Hitler. No joke. Because Hitler aspired to be a great architect but would have made a better architect designing government buildings which you find all over Washington DC and indeed most of them need a good washing as the polution in DC is really bad. Mostly coming from the halls of congress and the White Man's house over on Pennsylvannia avenue. 

The Guggenheim is very close to where I lived when I was 12, 12 E. 97st, between Madison and 5th. Many a time while it was being built, in the late evening I would crawl in through the "sidewalk inspector's enterance" to see how the thing was being built. If you like flying saucers - you will like the Guggenheim. You will have to go visit it to see what I mean.  Just take the 5th ave buss up toward Harlem from the Metropolitan.

10/23/2023 NOTE to VP. The Guggenheim ain't a worth saving unless you think dumping buckets of paint on canvas is "fine art." You guys and Nikita had it right in the '50s - this "modern" art is crap art belong to the imperialist dogs and their lackey followers in NATO


Oh, and



The story of Steven Anthony Colman {182 pgs, pdf) formerly Kálmán István

This story is absolutely amazing.  Steve Colman (Kálmán István) was a Hungarian jew.

My Life in Australia  added material








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