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PARAGRAPH_1 Yes my child, indeed it will. As a high priest of the church, approved and licensed by the Board of Bishops themse;ves, my forgiveness of your sins is both SAFE and EFFECTIVE. It's great, you get two benefits for the price of one. Go now my child and remember to come back again and get a booster of forgiveness and do drop another coin in the bucket on the way out. A-men my child and A-woman my child for those of you who are concerned about such differences.

Master Kang Rhee. It takes years to acquire this type of skill.  But it can be achieved if you are willing to put in the time and effort.   

Not only is Karate for the Whole Family, SO IS JUDO! And I will add this knowledge which comes from direct experience.  See below the photos.

I taught karate and judo for many years.  Mainly the students were young people, children generally above age 12 and teenagers and young adults. But I also worked with some very elderly people. I sort of am in that class myself today, somewhat elderly. What I consistently found out and what parents consistently told me - was (and it is still true today) school grades of their children improved dramatically! Not over night. Nothing really worth while happens fast, in most cases.

But their grades improved and got better and better as they themselves got better at being able to control their bodies physically and MOST IMPORTANT they acquired both CONFIDENCE IN THEMSELVES and MENTAL DISCIPLINE.  I cannot stress more strongly how these two attributes play such an important role in a young person's success with school and also with their behavior and sense of personal worth. Their self-esteme.  So often I have seen that fear in the child, also in the teen, go hand in hand with poor results in school work and also, paradoxically in a way, in behavior and delinquency, and in some measure too - with drug involvement. What more can I say.  Perhaps Sigmund Freud could have figured it out.

In my old age I like to watch old reruns fromTV days in the 1950s - mid 1980s.  It returns me back to my younger days when I didn't have quite so many aches and pains. One of my favorite TV runs from the past was with Chuck Norris and the show, Walker, Texas Ranger.  Chuck was also a karate champion.  If memory serves me right, he once won first place in a June Rhee national championship when he went against Walter Worthy, a black fighter in Ishinru style. This was about 1964 - 1966 era.  At any rate, one of the Walker Texas Ranger series did show an episode of the very thing I am talking about in the above.  The conncetion with good training in karate or judo with improved grades, confidence in self and better behavior and decision making. 

Here is the thing also that I have concluded from observation over many years and also from my own experience in life.  It doesn't have to be karate,  or judo, or aikido, or jujitsu or kendo, etc. It can be ANY sport that requires concentration, discipline and dedication to succeed - and that has a true dedicated coach - who coaches using only POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and advances the student with small steps - each being a success for that person - if he the student falters or trips along the way - NEVER TO ADMONISH the student, the child or teen or senior adult - YOU'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT Johnny if you don't pay attention to what I say.  Etc. You often ruin all that you have accomplished with the student when you criticize him in such a way.  You only reinforce his feelings of being a failure - which often manifests itself (shows itself) in school failure, delinquency or behavior problems, or joining a gang to recover his self-esteme.

I will add too, that shoving a lot of facts into a childs head is a path to their coming to dislike very much the learning experience.  School is a bore below the college level.  At least it was for me. It is the same redundant crap repeated over and over again.  I think that 80% of what we need to know, educationally wise can be learned on our own if we have built up the necessary self-confidence, self-discipline, and a love of learning and CURIOSITY to know new things.  But to get to be a SELF-TAUGHT student you MUST HAVE DEVELOPED VERY STRONG READING SKILLS.  AS (WAS IT NANCY REAGAN WHO SAID IT) READING IS FUNDAMENTAL.  But let a child learn to enjoy the reading experience by early in life reading comic books then he will connect images with the words.  And with time as he broadens his reading experience he will see the stream of images in his mind as he reads.  At nine when I landed on American soil in San Francisco (at that time galoshes were not necessary when walking the streets of San Francisco or LA) I could read not a word.  The alphabet was Greek to me, as the saying goes.  I don't know if that is a compliment to the Greeks or not.  Probably not.  But Ruth and Janey (Dr. Sherfey, MD, Psychiatry) used the cominc book method on me.  And it took!  And my favorite comics were the Walt Disney Donald Duck series.  I loved Gyrogearloose and have thought to have my name legally changed to that except you have to go to court to do that and I have thought that no judge would follow or agree with my reasoning.  So, Gyro remains only a cominc book and an instrument of stability in my mind.

In closing on this topic I want to add this reflection of thought.  If I am not having fun doing what I am doing then what am I going to do? Typically?  I am going to quit doing that which I find unpleasant in doing.  That is your problem very much with the getto schools such as in Chicago, Harlem, Atlanta, etc.  The students, young ones and teens are fed so much undigestable crap that they can't wait until they can get out of that situation.  I have a solution.  Move the rudder sharply and turn 180 degrees and go in the opposite direction.  Make the learning experience fun.  And do it through doing fun things, things that boys and girls like to do.  Such as sports, building things, experiementing, hearing music they like and THEN introduce to them gradually some music theory.  Let them connect the LANGUAGE of music with the sonds of music.  Make their learning be both intensly visual and sound.  Forget feeding them with a bunch of facts of which 90% THEY WILL FORGET. Only the distaste of having to memorize such useless things as historcial dates will be remembered.  Instead, let their history lessons be through good and entertaining videos.  And then have the discussions in the class about what does everybody think.  "Let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend ..."  "... is the policy for promoting progress in the arts and the sciences and a flourishing socialist culture in our land." 

Who said that nasty thing "socialist culture?" Well, just say that "socialist culture" is nasty to speak such a thing in America, Land of the Free and Home of Free Speech.  Is the rest of what Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, the great liberator of his people (in my opinion and based on facts in history) said also nasty?  Wrong?  Whose got it wrong when the U.S.A. mightly in its military is down near 15th in academic achievement in the 12th and below grades on international measurements.  What gives?

In my opinion, and it is just that, my opinion but I do believe others think likewise; the problems is that The Republic of the United States of America (what is actually left of this Republic) is feeding the national wealth of this great country (at least for a while longer) to the beast of the Military-Industrial Complex and ignoring the vast poor sections of this country who don't seem to matter to either the Republicans or the Democrats and certainly not to Big Corporation Business who now pose as the people's representatives but are in fact the payed-off tools of that Military-Industrial Complex and Big Corporations - that General or the Army and President of the United States warned the nation about.  Listen and watch here on Ike's speech which has not yet been censored by youtuby but may yet be as the Greater Economic Depression which is now upon us gets worse and worse and INFECTS US ALL BUT the Royalty of this country, the representatives of the commoners, the Congress, the White House Lords and the Aristocracy of the Nation, the Super Wealthy Class, the Elites. Download it while you can and think it over.  Ike was, in my opinion Amerrica's greatest 20th Century President Co-Equal with FDR at identical greatness.

Or shall we gagg Ike as the politicians and medical industry and the pros such as the CDC and FDA have done to many of the really great medical scientists of this country and the world?  What shall it be?  A land of free speech or a land of "keep your mouth shut unless given permission to speak?"

Where are you Dr. Welby when we really need you?  Or did you ever really actually exist? 

When free and open speech is suppressed by threats and reprisals of bogus loss of license because of "misinformation" you can be certain that this action is hiding lots of diirt under the rug.

There are some truly great medcial scientists and practicioners who are being have been been attacked personally and who have lost their medical license because they have cautioned publically, that is , spoken out through media that is still free, that these "vaccines" are a high risk afffair and should neve have been approved without the normal safety testing.

These medical giants include such as Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., who is also the original inventor of the mRNA technology BUT NOT IN ANY WAY either the "inventor" of these vaccine goos or a contributor to them.  In fact, he personally went to the FDA and cautioned them against rushing out this new "vaccine" without doing proper medical safety trials first.  He recalls in one of his many videos that the FDA told him to (and in politice terms Dr. Malone stated it as being told to "buzz off" but in reality is was a more direct and personal expletive that was used.

Another of the medical giants has been Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D. and MS in epidemiology. His is a Cardiologist (heart specialists) Board Certified and has published as of today, 2022-12-13 over 1,000 peer reviewed medical research papers in the field of medicine.  And yet, believe it or not, the state medical board of Texas is trying to take his license to practice medicine away from him for "spreading misinformation."

What actually IS MISINFORMATION? Well let me give you what is happening by means of an illustration.

You remember learning about Joan of Ark, who got herself burned up to a crisp like a French-fry by the ruling Catholic priesthood of her time.   It wasn't because she claimed to have heard messages from God. She probably did. She could have claimed that she also heard mesages from the devil and the priests wouldnt have cared one bit, one iota.  Who can say anyway. Today they label such people as schizophrenics unless they are congressmen or work in the White House. Or are murderous lawyers who are smart enough to fool state government hired dumb-ass psychiatrists. 

But what was it really that tormented the priesthood of that time? and the high medical priests of today.  It is simply this: She spoke without permission because she spoke AGAINST the prevailing and approved narrative of the time. Only the Catholic higherarchy got receive messages from god and only they, the Church, was approved to interpret what was being received from god or whoever claimed to be such.

Had Joan of Ark went to an approved priest, approved by the church of that time and asked in the dialog that follows, - the priest would have probably fitted Joan with a chastity belt made of iron and sent her on her way.

Hey father, I gots me a problem.  I hears me words spoken to me from god himself.  What would ya have me do father?

Yes my child, I understand perfectly. Just say the Rosary ten times before you leave this sanctuary and when you go, do leave a small donation in the bucket provided for your convenience so that we may forgive other lost children.

And will this forgive me of all my sins father?

Yes my child, indeed it will. As a high priest of the church, approved and licensed by the Board of Bishops themse;ves, my forgiveness of your sins is both SAFE and EFFECTIVE. It's great, you get two benefits for the price of one. Go now my child and remember to come back again and get a booster of forgiveness and do drop another coin in the bucket on the way out. A-men my child and A-woman my child for those of you who are concerned about such differences.

To learn what SAFE AND EFFECTIVE HAS REALLY DONE do visit the website, whose moto is "Where the best vaccine is the TRUTH"

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