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2022-11-10 notes on index page regarding Steve Colman 182 story
What follows next is the true story of a young Hungarian engineering student, Kálmán István, a Jew, who survived the German invasion of his country when he was a young teenager. In detail is his story of what happened to Hungarian Jews - BECAUSE they were Jews. And BECAUSE they were Jews - the German political machine and its party, the NAZI party - they were classified as Untermensch. That is to say, they were - Sub-human - less than human.

This belief system, for that is what it was - is an outgrowth (the "is" because the belief is still very much prevalent in the world today, yes 21st century world. This distorted belief system was and is still an expression of the Eugenics movement - which emerged as a more structured belief system during the middle and late 19th century - and then went into overdrive in early 20th century Germany (where it gained the most strength in Europe) and also in the United States.

But this Eugenics movement was never confined just to the boundaries of Germany and the United States. In fact, I will be presumptuous and say that this idea that one race of people is superior to another race of people (and let me in addition say this: the idea resident in so many individuals' own minds that they are superior to another person, another human being - because they believe they are gifted with a higher intelligence or greater wealth or of an aristocratic family - than the competition, so to speak, resides in the hearts of many people throughout the world. Some of us will remember the Hutu – Tutsi Rwandan genocide that occurred in 1994. Some estimates put the massacre of the Tutsi minority by the Hutu majority at about 120,00 human beings.

Clearly the Hutu saw the Tutsi as Untermensch, sub-human – or perhaps being a bit more temperate (moderate, more restrained) the Hutu considered them – the Tutsi – as NOT ONE OF THEM, not a Hutu and thus did not fit into Hutu polite society, so to speak.

When we, that is – us – see ourselves as BETTER than another person – and this is not qualified within us by, for instance a self-understanding that - I am better at playing soccer or chess or understanding complicated abstractions – but rather it is a blunt I'M BETTER THAT HE IS, or, US Germans are BETTER than those Jews or SLAVIC Russians, or the Black people of Africa, etc., etc., then we become ONE with the eugenics movement and its entire belief system.

When this eugenics movement and belief – this hatred {for that is what it is!} of another race, culture, color of a person, their religious beliefs or political beliefs or frankly their sexual orientation – becomes unshackled, that is to be free from self-imposed restraints – to be free from the shackles that keep us in check – such as strong moral and ethical beliefs – then we become what the extreme NAZI of World War II Germany became.

The idea that YOU are a BETTER HUMAN BEING spawns this bizarre { strange, grotesque} idea that you can produce, that you can mold another person or a society into a superior human or class as yourself.

Let's hear it from Britannica

Eugenics, the selection of desired heritable characteristics in order to improve future generations, typically in reference to humans. The term eugenics was coined in 1883 by British explorer and natural scientist Francis Galton, who, influenced by Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection, advocated a system that would allow "the more suitable races or strains of blood a better chance of prevailing speedily over the less suitable."

Social Darwinism, the popular theory in the late 19th century that life for humans in society was ruled by "survival of the fittest," helped advance eugenics into serious scientific study in the early 1900s. By World War I many scientific authorities and political leaders supported eugenics. However, it ultimately failed as a science in the 1930s and '40s, when the assumptions of eugenicists became heavily criticized and the Nazis used eugenics to support the extermination of entire races.
WHAT HAS ALL OF THIS GOT TO DO WITH TODAY, 2022 and yonder years {In a distant, indicated place, over there; At a distance, but within view} if we all survive to then.

Darwin, c. 1854, when he was preparing
On the Origin of Species for publication BY MEANSSS OF NATURAL SELECTION or the



Go to  Kálmán István  {Steve Colman} for full 182 pg pdf  story (Explanation) and my commentary. In Steve's book there is much history also regarding Russia during World War II. Pg. 51 on pdf.

Go to  Kálmán István  {Steve Colman} for full 182 pg pdf  story (Explanation) and my commentary. In Steve's book there is much history also regarding Russia during World War II. Pg. 51 on pdf.

When the Russian winter offensives started to take their toll on the Germans, they
realised that they needed all the gun fodder they could muster. Therefore they decided to
allow the Hungarians, Rumanians and the other hangers-on to fight in the front line.
Being badly clothed, and equipped even worse, they were an ineffective fighting force,
and within days of joining in the defence of occupied Russia, the Hungarian force was
almost completely wiped out. The Hungarian Army was destroyed on the banks of the
Don river, while the Rumanians found their nemesis near Stalingrad. pg 51

My mother's cousin, Andrew Pór, came back from Russia, where he was in the Army, not
as a labourer but as a sergeant. Due to an administrative error, he was not recognised as
being racially inferior, and he wasn't about to argue about being a sergeant instead of
being mistreated as a forced labourer. He showed us photographs of Polish Jews floating
in the Vistula; he told us about seeing thousands of Jews being driven into the forests,
hearing the shooting and no one returning, even told us about the mass graves. We did
not believe it, Cousin Andrew Pór was always a bit of a lad for making an impression. pg 52

Note: All the horrors of a REAL WAR, a war-to-the-death that you will read in Steve's story is MILD stuff compared to what will happen to people of United States and also people of EU Europe and NATO forces if their determined hostility  and war preparations against China and Russia continue unabated. You have NO IDEA what you, Biden,, and EU-NATO, will be the conssequences to you if you persist in the direction of war which you are clearly determined to bring about; to bring war with Russia in your delusional thinking that you can contain it - keep it under control.

OCCUPATION and what that meant if you were a JEW. pg.56

My cousin Eva was faced with having to travel to her village to join her
parents. Mother thought she should stay with us, while Father was too
frightened to suggest anything other than what the regulations dictated. Mother later accused him of causing Eva's death in Auschwitz.  pg. 57-58  See also pg. 63

Pg. 70 > Much about what happens in a "real war" which today's grown up children in U.S. and EU-NATO bunch seem not to have any conceptual understanding about. 

Pg. 72 We were almost completely isolated from the war. We knew that the Russians were progressing well and were pushing the Germans back, that Tito and his partisans were causing a lot of problems to the Germans and of course we knew that the Allies in France must be winning, because the news services were constantly explaining away the loss of ground in the West as well as in the East.

When The City of Lights, Paris, is layed waste and is left a pile of sticking decaying bodies which will come to them in less than 20 minutes from lauch - the few who do survive will ask themselves of the other survivers, "What was this all about after all." What will be the answer? What justified the complete destruction of Paris, Berlin and definately Londen (home of the principal instigators of this and other wars in the past. Was it all worth it? You see, your leaders think the U.S. will protect them if worse comes to worse - AND IT SHALL! Only this time the Atlantic and Pacific oceans WILL NOT ISOLATE the United States from tasting the realities of a war fought to the death. Which is what U.S.A. and EU-NATO & Co. are going to discover before their dead bodies are consumed by the rats which will Naw On the Bones of the dead heros of war.

pg. 90 It all started with Raoul Wallenberg, a Councellor at the Svedish Consulate, who came to Budapest for the express purpose of saving as many persecuted Jews as he could.

Pg. 99, end of pg. Steve and his mother in better times.

Pg. 128, top, We wanted to go to Munich, where three of my relations were already in the Funk Kaserne.  Link 2  Funk Kaserne, during the war was a German Military Baracks.  I was born there and lived my first 3 or 4 years there with some 7000 to 9000 other displaced persons (DP Camp).

Pg. 128 We had a long trip to the outskirts of München to the Funk Kaserne, once occupied
by the Radio and Radar specialists of the German Wehrmacht, now the home of some
10,000 DP's.

Pg. 129 Anyway, we arrived to the US Zone of Germany. The next task was to get out of there as quickly as possible.

Pg. 129 In June 1946 Germany was a very undesirable place to live in. If you had to be in
Germany it was advisable not be a German. Our situation, with or without official
Displaced Person status was much better than if we would have been Germans, but it was
still pretty difficult. There was a scarcity of food and even when we obtained our food
ration cards, the food allocated for us was the same as for the local population and was
completely insufficient. Although almost everything was rationed, there were some items
which were available only on permit.

Pg. 130 If being hungry would not have been enough, the winter of 1946/47 was the worst for decades. The freezing weather was not relieved by warmth either in homes or in public

This horrible existence now awaits the German people once again because of the British and the U.S. destroying the Norstream Piple Lines, among other things. Read on to see what life becomes when real war and its aftermath come to you in a personal way.

Pg. 133 Start at bottom. The person, "Raca" is my mother, Radoijka. Dankar is my 1/2 brother. His father was an officer in the Abwehr. {The Abwehr was the German military-intelligence service for the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht from 1920 to 1944 Pg. 133 Start at bottom. The person, "Raca" is my mother, Radoijka. Dankar is my 1/2 brother. His father was an officer in the Abwehr. {The Abwehr was the German military-intelligence service for the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht from 1920 to 1944 }

Pg. 139 Radja to survive works in German Foreign Ministry, Berlin and is assisted by Foreign Minister Ribbentrop when her flat (apartment) is bombed.

Pg. 134 Two of her brother-in-laws and one of her brothers died fighting as partisans against the Germans and when her only remaining brother was arrested and kept as a hostage in Belgrad, to be shot whenever the next anti-German action was demanding revenge, Raca was given a letter from SS-Chief Himmler, flew in Ribbentrop's plane to Belgrad and brought her brother from certain death to the Adlon Hotel.

-Since it is very late I will continue at a later date but will post what is now as Rev 0.  In 2013 approx. Steve Colman emailed his story to me at my request.  On down is developed the role of Miss Downing who was at the time of my stay at Funk Kaserne Director of Refugee Resettlement of Church World Service, an Umbrella organization.  Several other church related organizations such as World Council of Churches performed similar function.  Ruth Downing was instrumental in rescuing many orthodox priests of the various orthodox churches.  There are several photos substantiating this. It is an interesting story.  If there is a lesson to it it is that the victims of a major war live on for many generations.  What those who have lived a cushy life in the U.S.A. and Europe do not fully understand, if at all, the  lasting consequences of a real and bitter war.

The intense suffering experienced by the Chinese people from the time when the Japanese attacked China and made war against them - and the equally great suffering experienced by all Chinese from their civil war - has become an imbedded memory within the population throughout China. And prior to 1910 there was The Time of the Great Shame which a European or American must study the history to understand fully why I say with great certainty that China WILL launch a TOTAL WAR against the United States if it attempts to intrude onto Taiwan or continues its aggression toward China. 

Every Chinese child grows up singing the Chinese National Anthem.  In that anthem is repeated the words, "We will Never be Slaves Again." The United States government  is leaving both Russia and China NO WIGGLE ROOM AT ALL - NO ALTERNATIVE but to prepare for TOTAL WAR because all objective evidence  now clearly demonstrates that the U.S. and the NATO nations DO INTEND to launch a war the moment they feel they have the UPPER HAND, the NECESSARY EDGE.

China lost MILLIONS of lives in its war against Japan. The Japanese at that time experimented on hundred of thousand of Chinese men, woman and children with medical and germ war weapons to perfect them as the ultimate Japanese war machine intended the extermination of the Chinese at that time in order to acquire the resources that China possessed.  After the war, no Japanese scientists who developed the biological weapons was prosecuuted by the U.S. Instead, these criminals were given sanctuary by the U.S. in exchange for the research knowledge the Japanese scientist had developed. 

The Japanese government has NEVER appologized to China.  The Chineses people have never forgotten.  They will not allow it to happen again.  If and when the U.S. forces push too far - the Chinese military will LAUNCH FIRST. I am certain of that. Because I have studied their history and what happened in the early and middle parts of the 20th century.

Russia and the Soviet Union lost MILLIONS of lives, millions of soldiers, millions of civilians. How many soldiers did the U.S. or Britain lose? You, the U.S.A. and EU_NATO bunch are trampling on very thin ice.  It has now become clear and obvious to the Russian government and military that YOU, USA and NATO-EU bunch - are looking for the EDGE that you think will give you the advantage to launch an attack on Russia. 

What you will accomplish is your own destruction, total and complete.  Because both Russsia and China have been preparing for this inevitable war for a very long time.  And the chronic and persistent lies constantly coming forth from Biden and his handlers have not fooled anyone but yourselves. 

The PDF to Steve's EXPLANATION is just below.  Also the one above takes you to a webpage assigned for all of the above and below on this topic. 

Corrections and text styling will come as time allows. 

I close with a prayer.  It is that let us hope that the children of today will not have to experience total war and therefore total suffering as did the children of WW-II, Chinese, Russian and Soviet Union, Japanese, and German.  And this pain and suffering is inherited into their children. 

America HAS experienced NO great war since the Civil War.  Small engagements - yes. TOTAL WAR TO THE DEATH?  NO - NOT YET.  Let's hope the NOT YET never comes and that reasonable and honorable men will seek a path to peace and not war as is now happening to Ukraine caused by NATO and the U.S.A. by their refusal to even attempt to negotiate, even attempt to give it a try. 

What does that tell the Russians and Chinese and North Koreans? I will tell you what it is:


The story of Steven Anthony Colman , {182 pgs, pdf) formerly Kálmán István

This story is absolutely amazing.  Steve Colman (Kálmán István) was a Hungarian jew

All these are based on actual events as are the few paintings I have done which are in the Sketches of a Life section.