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This paper by Dr. Lolli is now posted.  The pages are .jpg images of the original document. That is the vouch for its authenticity.  I will be converting the pages to text form, pdf (searchable, i.e., can be copy and pasted) soon. 

He was prominant (sp?) in his day, early 1950s and was also a trained psychotherapist, Freudian vintage.  I knew him when I was a child, 11-12 living in the Manhattan apartment on 12 E. 97th St. Apt. 5E.  Ruth had worked with Dr. Lolli in the Payne Whitney Clinic on the issues of alcoholism and also abesity and diet.  But mostly it was with alcoholism.  He took an interest in me in as much as he remarked to Ruth that he was "surprised" (chk sp) at how much my personality and behavior changed after I had eaten some food. 


Well, we know today what that is - Hypoglycemia, also referred to as "low blood sugar."  How this condition acts upon people varies.  With me it has seemed to be associated with large sugar intake (resulting in high high blood sugar level) which then will cause excessive insulin response and plunge the sugar level to low level, such as below 70 or even 60.  This then does bring about the various symptoms which medicine recognized today.  But it didn't in the early 1950s. This condition can show itself in very marked behavior changes. 

The opposite condition can also result in marked changes in behaviour and personality (to some extent).  Excessive sugar intake in the form of softdrink (non diet).  You're talking typically more than 29mg sugar in a 12 oz can, typically. Such a high sugar load WILL make you hyper (from my personal experience) and also I do have eyes to see and have throughout my life seen what too much sugar does to (particularly) young children. 

Dr. Robert Lustig has called white process sugar - dangerous and toxic.  He has written a very best seller on this topic.  Tomorrow I will be sure to list the rather large collection of books that essentially CONDEM (sp?) sugar in "excess" and that "excess" isn't too big in milligrams.


But here for the those who might be reading challenged - which I have heard is almost a universal condition in children and young adults today - here is a right-hemisphere remedy for those so impared. Note: this is NOT a video link but it is a search link


SUGAR - THE BITTER TRUTH 1ST VIDEO PUBLISHED 14 YEARS AGO. 1h 30s University of California Television.   The Bitter Truth

This program is a presentation of UCTV for educational and non-commercial use only. by Univsersity of California Television. Note: This is a univsersity known to be fully credited including its School of Medicine.

Donate to UCTV to support informative & inspiring programming:

Over the 14 years the number of views is in excess of 24 million. Obviously Dr. Robert H. Lustig, MD has something to say which gobs of people are wanting to know about. Well, just what does this medicine man know that the makers of Count Chokula and Tony the Tiger - They're Greeaaaat! might not know. Or care to know? Or does it perhaps make difference to them? Who can know such deep questions except perhaps Dr. Sig. Freud, unless you can burrow deep inside the brains of these makers of sugeritis, - perhaps the truth is found deep down in the fissure of Orlando (the place where Oreo cookies are metabolized?)

Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, explores the damage caused by sugary foods. He argues that fructose (too much) and fiber (not enough) appear to be cornerstones of the obesity epidemic through their effects on insulin. Recorded on 05/26/2009. [7/2009] [Show ID: 16717]

As I understand it, ordinary household white sugar stuff is half Glucose and half Fructose. It is the Sucrose that drives the finger prick stright up high where-as it is the Fructose that brings about fatty liver condition.

- - more later. But there are hundreds of videos concerning the dangers to mental and physical health by excess levels of Sucrose, your good old table sugar. The question becomes really, how much is "excess." Actually, this 'processed' white sugar stuff - in my opinion (non-expert opinion) and that of many recognized medical authorities - any of this white stuff isn't doing you any good. --more later, it's 1am --
"Quit or Else" 56m Warning Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar & What Happens if You Quit for 7 Days.



Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.


what follows needs to be put into its own page along with the psychopathic stuff

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The occasional parenthesis ( ) are by Ruth Downing who worked with Dr. Lolli as a psychiatric social worker. When Ruth moved us to 97st between Madison Ave. and Fifth (in Manhattan) Dr. Lolli often visited.  We went together to the Peach Tree Restaurant and Dr.Lollie often remarked to the significant change in my behavior after I had eaten.

According to Ruth, Dr. Lolli was also a trained psychoanalyst. 


The paper is really HEAVY with the Freudian stuff.  I don't think the Freudian stuff holds true today and I don't think it held true back then, following Freud's book, "Interpretation of Dreams" (late 1800s) where Freud tells the story of Little Hans and his, Freud's interpretations, and always these interpretations, his "insights" are in terms of HIMSELF. Basically Freud explains mankinds mental states in terms of himself; as though he, Dr. Freud, is the UNIVERSAL MAN.

Having known some real bad drunks in my life - I can only say that the best "treatment" is the AA program provided that you ACCEPT that you are a drunk and that you cannot control your alcohol addition by yourself but must 1. Acknowledge that there is A HIGHER POWER than yourself to whom you can plead your case, call on for help - 2. You must follow the steps in the AA program. And they are similar for drug type addictions too. 

I will add also - that a similar set of protocals are valid for really deep depression bordering on suicide or early stages leading inevitably to suicide absent intervention.
Social Drinking The Effects of Alcohol by Giorgio Lolli, M.D. - 1961
On "Therapeutic" Success in Alcoholism
Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 14(2), 238–246 (1953).

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Giorgio Lolli , M.D.a,b
Published Online: April 23, 2020 Not free. You must pay up.

Alcoholism and Homosexuality in Tennessee Williams' "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" [Well I'll be damn. I liked the movie with Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman and especially Burl Ives. I didn't know it had a "gay taint" to it. Tennessee Williams was one of Americas great playwriters. I've read them. And the movie version of "Suddenly Last Summer" is one of the best movie-plays I've ever seen. Sebastian. What a sad character. Not because he was "gay." I don't condem people for their orientations. Sad because his life was so empty. No one in it besides his neurotic mother.


Brother, if you have $39. to spare you can buy the whole document.

1949 The Addictive Drinker Studies on Alcohol Giorgio Lolli Alcoholic Pamphlet   on ebay for $17.50 USD as of Oct. 9, 2023, 1:40pm Chicago time.  Price subject to hourly change per market inflationary conditions.



I will be converting Dr. Lolli's paper to a pdf that is searchable, i.e., can copy and paste which is an easy process one you have made the image in .jpg


At anyrate, here is Dr. Lolli's research paper. 

At the very top of the title page it reads: To Miss Ruth Downing with the compliments of G. Lolli

Title Page

96 pg

97 pg

98 pg

99 pg

100 pg

101 pg

102 pg

103 pg

104 pg

105 pg

106 pg

Comment on above page.  In line 9 from top - Socrates ought to be around today, 2023, and in acceptance (sp?) with the current evolving belief systems in the Western World, with the USA leading the Avant Guard (sp?) you, Socrates, most certainly CAN bear children (in the sense of - to give actual live birth to a child. Times they are a-changing.

I have both ref. 9 and 10. and 13.  9 is Ruth Downing's copy from the late 1940s.  On reference 13, I thought it was Kant's Critique of Pure Reason which I do have.  Perhaps ref. 13 Critique is a different book.  Ref. 2 Tonight I bout Dr. Lolli's "Social Drinking, The Effects of Alcohol" but I may go ahead and buy Ref. 2 if it is not too expensive and add it to my memorabilia (sp?) box. Ref. 4. I didn't know love and hate had an "origin" I always thought it was a condition unless you are saying it evolved in some Darwinian process.  I suppose the hate part came from The Great Ape. Buy the love thing? 


If I am not mistaken, Erich Fromm's first wife was Frieda Fromm-Reichmann, a psychiatrist and Freudian psychoanalyst of some fame in her own right. Interesting bit of history here.  I underwent about 18 months of treatment from Jerome Schroff, MD who was also a psychoanalyst who trained under Frieda Fromm Reichmann in New Orleans. Dr. Schroff told one time (when I got off topic and started to discuss about schitzophrenics)  about how Frieda Fromm-Reichmann had specialized in working with schitzophrenics (chk sp) and that at times these, how to put it, dimminished individuals, defecated on her in the sense of having soiled their hands would touch or grab her.  I said to Dr. Schroff when he told me of this episode which he himself witnessed - that Frieda Fromm-Reichmann must have been very dedicated in her work to be willing to put up with that type of thing. Dr. Schroff in all sincerity replied, and almost with a sense of the profound. "Yes she was very dedicated." At the time this occured I was going to University of Tennessee working on my degree in electical engineering and came home on weekends (to Memphis) and met with Dr. Schroff on Saturdays for "the talking cure" session.  I replied - also with all the sincerity I could muster, "Yes, I can see she was (i.e., dedicated) but I thought I would prefer to just stay with engineering."  Dr. Schroff didn't reply and after an extended pause I continued my free association babble while lying in repose on his classical Freudian leather couch - what you see in the movies and in The New Yorker Magazine cartoons of the week. 


But then again one should not criticize too strongly or even laugh at Freudian logic and theory. And remember, Dr. Lolli's research paper is, in my opinion, 90% Freudian and 10% common sense.  Was the schitzophrenic reverting to his ANAL STAGE which Dr. Freud argued that this stage began in the infant at about 18 months of age and last for three years of age in the child.  Now, here's more. " During the anal stage, Freud believed that the libido source shifted from the mouth (in stage 1) to the anus. The child, then, receives pleasure from defecating.:  I guess it's true.  Freud said it was. 

" The child, at this point, understands that they have some amount of control over their lives, including control of when and where they defecate. This can lead to difficulties during potty training. What matters, in terms of Freud's theory, is how the parent reacts to inevitable difficulties in potty training. Parental reactions during potty training may set-up their child to react in one of two ways:

(1) parents who are harsh or who ridicule the child for mistakes may have children who stubbornly hold on to their feces in an effort to not have an accident – these children may become anal retentive or











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