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Added "Our Lady Apparations"  (Rev 1) for Sketches of a Life, Painting #10, Our Lady of the Poor  2022-11-22 1am

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The Teachings of Swamiji Vivekananda


Fr. John Corapi, STD The New Catechism of the Catholic Church as Commissioned by Pope John Paul II and Created Under the Direction of Cardinal Ratzinger, Later Pope Bennedict XVI

Letter Series (UPDATED 2022-11-13 1:35PM CST)

Dr. James R. Harte, M.D., Child Psychiatrist & Correspondence over twenty-five years  updatesd


This is the first posting of approx. seventy five lectrure summary series.  These were the lecture summaries handed out to the new doctors who were now focusing on child psychiatry board certification.  These were delivered at the local university school of medicine in the 1967 - 1970 period. The first ones I am posting are those focusing on education of troubled children and teens. 

Dr. James R. Harte, MD Class Study Notes on Biological Variations in Development,, now have found all his class notes he  sent to me.

Dr. James R. Harte and the FEEDBACK BOARD for education of children in remote regions. Have found both the board, templates, etc. Will photo and put into webpage with history.

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2022-11-15 So far 76 lecture note summaries of approx. 4-5 pages each.

One paper by Dr. Harte was partially eaten by the rats.  I don't mean the type of rats that are scurrying about in the sacred halls of congress and white house, infecting the country with a new flea driven plague (why must it be a white house when ivory black is also beautiful?). 

The paper is How Do You Work with a Learning Disabled Child, by J.R. Harte, M.D.  This paper, the first two pages, is in the nature of lecture summaries which were handed out to the young medical doctors pursing a career is child psychiatry.  All of these papers are just that – detailed and descriptive summaries of Dr. Harte's lectures to the student.  This was some 50+ years ago. 

Much new discovery and learning has taken place in this medical field of child psychiatry and also how we approach and treat the child with severe learning disabilities.  And yet, I would say, each of the handouts does provide an excellent summary source of material for a student's thesis.  Because the basic foundation has not changed that much.

One thing I think that has changed and changed for the better in these 50+ years - I think - is that Freud and his theories which were all essentially based on his constructs does not take such a prominent role today as it did back then.   Some of these lecture summaries and the bibliographies are heavy into Freud.  Of the many in these long lists of references – I still have the book and although classical Freudian – it is very well written and was one of Ruth Downing's books during her time of study to become a psychiatric social worker, and who also underwent the years it takes in terms of a personal analysis.  I underwent this process over several years – it was in vogue even 50 years ago.  But the only good I got out of it was that I learned how NOT to censor my thoughts. 

Thus, this greatly aided me in my freshman college year in writing the various papers that were demanded of us.  The book which is listed in Dr. Harte's bibliography on "Neuroses of Children" is (11) Fenichel, C., The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis. Pu. By W.W. Norton, Inc. New York, NY, 1945.  Other than that – I do believe that the modern approach to psychotherapy which includes counseling by for instance Church pastors who have been adequately trained in this field – behavioral therapy.  I think with out continuous feedback from the therapist – much time is wasted which is detrimental to the patient in the long run. 

Some other lecture summaries that I find interesting:


DEFINITION AND CONCEPTS OF SETS, ELEMENTS, OPERATIONS, GROUPS, PERMUTATIONS AND LOGICAL OPERATIONS  - Beats me why this is something a medical doctors needs.  I had to take this set theory stuff in my freshman year.  It all went in my left ear and out of my right ear. 


THREE TYPES OF EQUILIBRIUM  "Piaget suggests that three different types of equilibrium have relevance of psychological functioning." 3pgs Some algebra and intro to doing a probability calculation. Some of it is very interesting.  In particular – a long time ago I read a chapter in a book regarding the Soviet Union and three types of stability systems.  It illustrated this with three simple models.  The model that illustrated the then Soviet Union clearly showed that it was the MOST unstable.  U.S. model was more or less stable.  What is telling for me is that TODAY the U.S. according to those models is the MOST unstable and most likely to capsize and did USSR.  Fortunately, I will have the picture of those models in my mind so even if I cannot find the original book – one can just look at the three diagrams and pretty much figure out for themselves the conclusion.


PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY – DEVELOPMENTAL LANDMARK - Really nice summary and descriptions going month by month and then year to 8 yo.  This stuff I think is now pretty much in all child development text books, etc.


SOME CURRENT THOUGHTS ON THE LEARNING DISABLED ADOLESCENT FROM A PROFESSIONAL … WHAT SHOULD BE DONE  by Alice Thompson, Visiting Professor of Special Education, Special Education Department, Southern Illinois University.


This is indeed my very favorite of all the class lecture summaries, close to 100.  It is two pages of 10pt closely spaced text.  Dr. Alice Thompson's insights are SPOT ON.  I know because I lived myself though what she is saying.  I think this paper I will scan first – then OCR it to 1.5 spacing  and then make it and all of these paper's by Dr. Harte both downloadable and copy and paste.  Dr. Harte sent these to me following each presentation and handout to his medical students.  And his offer to send them to me is in one of his letters that I have already posted.  In another letter he also said that I was free to use them and share them as I saw fit.  Therefore, as far as I am concerned, they belong to the COMMONS. This includes the FEEDBACK BOARD of which I have a full model and templates which I know could be used so well in continents such as in AFRICA and the America's south of the Rio-Grande where everything is not always based on maximizing profit for a few. 


I have to go for now.  I have finally gotten the unpublished lecture notes of Dr. Margaret Mahler organized. These are given at Mt. Morris in spring 1941 to a group of psychiatric social workers in Manhattan. Ruth knew her from those years.  They are around 50-75 pgs total, types single space as was the way they did it with primitive typewriter. I hope to start scanning this coming weekend.  The Mask of Insanity (that is to say, a mask that masks that you are really very and provable sane) will just have to wait a little longer.     


Margaret Mahler


Margaret Schönberger Mahler was an Austrian-American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and pediatrician. She did pioneering work in the field of infant and young child research. On the basis of empirical studies, she developed a development model that became particularly influential in psychoanalysis and Object relations theory. Mahler developed the separation–individuation theory of child development. Wikipedia

May 10, 1897, Sopron, Austria-Hungary
October 2, 1985, New York City, U.S.





QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF STUDIES ON ALCOHOL Vol. 17, No. 1 pp. 96-107, March 1956

Editorial office: Laboratory of Applied Physiology, Yale University

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<p style ="text-align:left;"class="txtblk18pex">Dr. Giorgio Lolli, M.D. Research Paper from</p>

<p style ="text-align:left;"class="txtblk18pex"> QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF STUDIES ON ALCOHOL Vol. 17, No. 1 pp. 96-107, March 1956</p>
<p style ="text-align:left;"class="txtblk18pex">Editorial office: Laboratory of Applied Physiology, Yale University</p>
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Ruth S. Downing, ASCW

Dr. Giorgio Lolli, M.D. Research Paper from - papers to be posted soon.

Dr. Jane Sherfey, M.D.  Payne Whitney Research

Eleanor Roosevelt - at Harlem Negro Neighborhood Assn. 1959  scan and post Ruth published artical in ASSW magazine and also the raw draft which is better than the published version

Harlem Neighborhood Association, 1959


The Story of Radja (Raca) & Identity papers issued by Australia, by Steve Colman More to come. new material

Photos from  Funk Kaserne  Prince of Georgia, various Orthodox Archbishops, etc.

What follows next is the true story of a young Hungarian engineering student, Kálmán István, a Jew, who survived the German invasion of his country when he was a young teenager. In detail is his story of what happened to Hungarian Jews - BECAUSE they were Jews. And BECAUSE they were Jews - the German political machine and its party, the NAZI party - they were classified as Untermensch. That is to say, they were - Sub-human - less than human.

2022-11-11NOTE: link to Kalman Istav 182 pg pdf book is now corrected & verified.  Work will continue this eveing . 

2022-11-10 notes on index page regarding Steve Colman 182 story
What follows next is the true story of a young Hungarian engineering student, Kálmán István, a Jew, who survived the German invasion of his country when he was a young teenager. In detail is his story of what happened to Hungarian Jews - BECAUSE they were Jews. And BECAUSE they were Jews - the German political machine and its party, the NAZI party - they were classified as Untermensch. That is to say, they were - Sub-human - less than human.

This belief system, for that is what it was - is an outgrowth (the "is" because the belief is still very much prevalent in the world today, yes 21st century world. This distorted belief system was and is still an expression of the Eugenics movement - which emerged as a more structured belief system during the middle and late 19th century - and then went into overdrive in early 20th century Germany (where it gained the most strength in Europe) and also in the United States.

- continues on link above -



The story of Steven Anthony Colman , {182 pgs, pdf) formerly Kálmán István

This story is absolutely amazing.  Steve Colman (Kálmán István) was a Hungarian jew


My Life in Australia  added material

Uncensored memory dumps for development of autobiography

Correspondence with my Egyptian and Moslem friend of over 40 years

Correspondence with my American Scientists friend of over 49 years


My Diplomas in Karate and Engineering and What's it all about (very rough draft, developed in haste)

Dialoging from the  internet chat rooms  over the several years - copied text

A Letter to Ruth the day I quit school (16)

Death crept in the other day and took my child from me

My House

For a Glimering Moment

The Harvest Field of Life

Who Shall Blame the Blessed Child for What He Has Become

To My Grave I Walked One Night

The Midnight Moon. And some memories of Australia and Funk Kaserne  near Munich Earliest prose of mine, about 10 or 11

Letter to Chad Arment on Economic Prejudice and its Effects on Minorities in All Nations  Much more to come. Collecting takes time.

Intelligence & What I Observed at Cardiologist Office

Add the story of Benny Green and the gettos of Memphis


above  for reference purposes only  tempory only



Developing Support Arguments for issues raised in ''Letter to Chad Arment''

class="txtblk18pex">We are in the gyre!  We will reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7)

[NOTE - be sure to remove all these <p style ="text-align:left;"class="txtblk18pex">2022-11-11NOTE:<span class="textred16pex"> link to Kalman Istav 182 pg pdf book is&nbsp;now - that keep injecting themselves into the code and screwing up my text styles.  It is either me or Adobe.  For the money I pay them each month - I hope it is not them.  Microsoft free Code Editor  doesn't pull that on me.  I like Dreamweaver - but sometimes it gives me nightmares. 

New material on K and Cambodia story.  Several hundred additional pages found, including my transcripts of K story and about 50 pages of K written notes.  Will start actual posting this weekend.

Now begins  the story of K and her escape from Cambodia.  I finally found much of the raw material needed to put together her story, what happened to her in the aftermath of what happened after the Nixon-Kissinger and their gang destroyed the government of Cambodia and drive its leader, Prince Norodom Sihanouk into exile and put into power Marshal Lon Nol.

repeatedly as defence minister and provincial governor. As a nationalist and conservative, he led the military coup of 1970 against Prince Norodom Sihanouk, abolished the monarchy, and established the short-lived Khmer Republic.

That is being politicall polite [what wikipedia is saying above.  Remember, it is not the organization called that is saying this - but rather it is that provides the platform for others to express their opinions with out the censorship you get from google-grad and unfortunately, {a really super great contribution to the education of Americans, young and old and this goes for the world at large too.]}


Prince Norodom Sihanouk wanted to keep Cambodia NEUTRAL, NON-ALIGNED. But that was unacceptable to Nixon and his side-kick, Henry The Large Kissinger.  Later we will give more supporting history. When Norodom Sihanouk would not obey, would not bend the knee and lick Nixon-Kissinger feet - then when Sihanouk was visiting in China hoping to get some aid - the B52's came and brought a reign of terror on the land of the gentle people, known as the Cambodians. It didn't matter that congress, for what it was worth then and for what it is worth today (nothing) had made it illegal to attack Cambodia. Nixon  was the Imperial President and would no whatever he wanted.  Same is true today.  Biden's handlers are leading this country to its destruction.  And the Treponema Pallidum   [a LindSeed Gramnegative bacterium that comes from the phallus] eggs on the American people - infecting them with their own disease of hate and exploitation of the weak and those unable to defend themselves.  Such as Venezuela - where  the Biden bunch think they have some ordained  right to decide who that countrie's chief leader shall be.  But ask yourself this:  What are they, the Biden bunch and their spirochaetale bretheren  in the congress [and they too are Lindseedgramnegative bacteria of the ricochet romance type who have fun today and pay the cost tomorrow] Venezuela has the highest reserve of "prime oil".  What else do you need to know?  When the Bush desert rats destroyed Iraq to save it for democracy - what did they grab when they headed for the exit doors?  The oil fields.  And the army is still there - NOT to protect the iraqi people's freedom BUT they protect and surround those very oil fields. 

And just as Cambodia was destroyed for not "going along with Nixon" so too do the British and U.S. (actual masters of NATO and all of its piglets and swine) threaten Serbia with the same message - "You do as the U.S. tells you - or you will be NEXT!"


The Story of K - Escape from Cambodia - Life in the Republic of the United States, Land of Opportunity and Forgiveness

Real Life Experience resulting from the catastrophy of the Pol Pot regime which resulted from the U.S. invasion of Cambodia and the U.S. destruction of the government of Cambodia and its society.


class="txtblk18pex">Continue to Escape from Cambodia (Khmer) 1979) scan and post my typed up of the experience as told by K who survived and came to USA and went on to get her BSEE at Georgia Tech but did not become a rambling wreck as she  had already experienced the realities of life that few ever know. But she did become on hell of an engineer as she went on to work for one of American's largest electronic companies - as did her husband, who also survived Cambodia and became U.S. Citizen and got his BSEE from good university.

Parts 1 thru 4, Diary of a Young Cambodia Refugee and Her Escape from Pol Pot,s Hell on Earth

Much true to life material.  Ruth took K and C into her home - into her home for over year and K demonstrated to me her advanced knowledge of EE by example of solving some problems in one of my circuit analysis textr books from the U.T. years.  She could barely speak English (French of course and best I remember - we one time connected with Radja for me to understand what she was wanting.

She wanted to go back to engineering school though she knew she would have to start over.  She had almost completed her studies when Pol Pot came into the picture. Most of the educated like her were killed.  But she was very perseptive with great presence of mind, like Radja, and survived. She had seen much death and slaughter.  But when she got to America what did she want to do?  Begin again, not give up but go for the goal and get her degree in engineering.  And she did.

Update.  I have retrieved approx 100 - 150 pages of K's story which I transribed from the cassette tapes. And I have all of her hand written testimony now! All pagss are typed using old dot matrix printer.  And they have my notes, etc.  Unfortunately this work was in 1980 when the primitive but back then high tech - computers used when they evolved upward according to Darwin evoution laws - to imploying floppy disks. 

These things are similar to what your politicians in the congress  (with a few exceptions) and ALL in the White mans house, FLOPPY BRAINS who can't think how to get out of the sh!t hole they have dug for themseves and this country.  The keep digging the hole deeper - and the money class - their big donors who actually run this country - keep of pouring their excrement into that deep and deeper hole.  If you have ever wondered why, it IS - why most - but NOT ALL - politicians SMELL SO BAD, well now you know.

The old floppy disks use a different format system than that used today. With the typewriter documents I can covert them to text form and then copy and paste into MS Word  which I might find time to do.  It is easy to do this once you have learned how to do it.

Rev 0, 2022-10-23










1 Arguments for repeal of the 17th Amendment - which removed the right of state legislators to decide the two State senators - which has resulted in wide-spread corruption in the election of senators (A personal opinion).

2 Some historical facts from the Federalists Papers & T he Debate On The Constitution, Federa;osts amd Antifederalist Speeches, Articles and Letters During the Struggle over Ratification. Two Volumes. Approx 2400 pages total.



Q Is the United States of America a republic or a democracy?  With the abolishment of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution the United States became neither a Democracy or a Republic.  Rather, it is today, 2022 and probably until the U.S. A. expires, a PLUTOCRACY.

The term Plutocracy derives from the Greek word 'Ploutokratia.' 'Ploutos' means "wealth" while 'kratia' means "rule or power.". Thus, the full translation of this word is the rule or command by the wealthy. Plutocracy is, therefore, defined as a state, society or government controlled and ruled by the wealthy or a wealthy class.

What is Oligarchy?

As mentioned above, an Oligarchy is a type of political system or government. It is defined as a form of government controlled or ruled by a small and elite group of people. Thus, this small group of people has control of the government and, of course, the entire state. A nation that has this form of government or political system is also called an Oligarchy. The sovereign power of the state is vested in this small group of people comprising of landowners, wealthy people, royalty, noblemen, high-ranking military officers, renowned academics, or philosophers.

Oligarchy is derived from the Greek word 'Oligarkhia', which is translated to mean "rule or command by a few." History indicates that rule by a few has led to tyranny and corruption, and more importantly, oppression. Although the above definition might suggest that an Oligarchy refers to control by a small group of wealthy people, it is not always the case. An Oligarchy simply means rule or governance by a privileged or favoured few. Ancient Sparta is a classic example of an Oligarchy wherein the majority of the population, the Helots, were excluded from voting. In more recent times, South Africa had an Oligarchy system based on race during the mid-20th century. This was during the period when the apartheid system was in force.



My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6

Note: The book, Abridged History of the United States WITHIN THE CHAIN OF UNION WITHOUT VIOLENCE AND FRAUD or REPUBLIC OF AMERICA is 336 pages.  In the preface are lines to explain the title vignette.

In Union's Chain, within its spell, FREEDOM and PEACE and SAFETY dwell; Nor Lion, Force, nor Serpent Guile, Shall Harm the Bessed Maids the while.

Q Can this be said to be true today? When the nation's wealth is frittered away on foreign wars and entanglements that provide the American people no gain; but leave millions of its people unemployed, homeless and in poverty and dispair. Has the warnings of our Founding Fathers and first president, George Washington, been squelched, muffled and silenced by the ruling plutocracy that has taken over our republic?

There is an historic day coming, just over the horizon now, a day in which the American People of our great Republic must decide, perhaps this one time or for nevermore - which nation its leaders serve first and whose people shall prosper in the security of the Republic.

Friends, Your choice is your decision to make come this day, November 8, in the year of our Lord, 2022.

The pages will posted as a function of time. First the images of each page, then each page will be converted to text form using appropriate OCR software and then made available.  As for the copywrite, the appropriate page has this to say:

ENTERED according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1843, by A.S. BARNES & CO., in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Attemps to locate Barnes & Co. have beared no fruit.  The original author appears to have died in The Battle of Bull Run many years following this book's publication.  On which side he died  is undetermined - as well as the location of his grave.  Only fragments remain.  Therefore, it appears this book is common ownership and is owned by the people of the Republic of the Untied States.

- start soon scanning from this very interesting.  And consider that this is a school book! Lower grades.  What has happened to America in the 170 interveening (sp) years?  Dewey Ducks progressive education? You think? Is it working good for us in the public school system?  Or is it something else?  Perhaps diverting the billions and trillions of $ for bigger and better nuclear blast to vaporize Russia and China - and more, if not most, or directing our resources to renovate the gettos and slums, make them fit and conducive and safe for learning and to really educate the poor and down trodden and invest in our own people first! Treat them as assets not liabilities - and mind our own business and quite making war and destruction on the rest of the world.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6






1 A Home Again letter from Glenn 

Margo Freshwater v State of Tennessee - pdf 

An 18 year old former baby sitter goes on a murderous rampage pdf searchable. The various photos in the articles still need to be uploaded and will be done as time allows. The greater portion of this article has got it all wrong. So very wrong. Such as "But Nash was increasingly consumed by paranoid delusions that agents from the Memphis bar were after him." Sounds good but is total BS. This was the biggest travesty of all > ''Glenn Nash was declared insane''

Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack, Season 12 -1 , Full episode. Begin Margo Freshwater at 10m 44s.  At this time Margo was on the run and Unsolved Mysteries makes a plea for public help. 

Links to some of history of this Margo & Nash case. This document is in PDF but searchable, ie. the links should be accessable.



The Case of Glenn W. Nash, Attorney at Law and the murder of Hillman Robbins in Memphis, TN

Daniel McNaughton c.1856

The McNaughton rule (pronounced, and sometimes spelled, McNaughton) is any variant of the 1840s jury instruction in a criminal case when there is a defence of insanity:

that every man is to be presumed to be sane, and ... that to establish a defence on the ground of insanity, it must be clearly proved that, at the time of the committing of the act, the party accused was labouring under such a defect of reason, from disease of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing; or if he did know it, that he did not know he was doing what was wrong. See

What's it all about?  Can you sort of summarize it all?  OK



1987-10-25 (1) Interview with Asst. Atty Generals of Tennessee   syntax fixed. more responsive page now.

 - Why was this derringer - disassembled - and - left in pieces on the counter top?

1987-01-22 The Four Barrel Derringer and I Travel to Kansas City  14 pgs raw material

In future episodes I will be moving the table of contents to a separate page and the contents to their own pages.  This index page will have the hyperlink as The Case of the Mask of Insanity

The four barrel derringer, scattered on the counter in pieces - was the quintessence of the evidence, all that was ever need to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the murder of Hillmon Robbins was committed with forethought and malice, planned by criminal attorney Glenn W. Nash. It was the, the missing piece of the puzzle necessary AND sufficient to establish that Attorney Glenn Nash was NEVER in any way mentally deficient much less paranoid-schitzophrenic - and therefore not in charge of his mental faculties.  Just the opposite was the case in fact.  Yet it was left on the counter top for all to see - the detectives, the state lawyers - all to see.  But they never asked and never thought to ask - why?

Why was the four barrel derringer, all taken apart, neglected as a clue to persue?  As it was, Attorney Glenn W. Nash won his trial in the The Case of the Mask of Insanity

It happened 56 years ago.

For the next page which is in development - go to McNaghten Summary Page

What has been provided so far is but a scratch from the raw notes. More to come.  Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can.

Jerry Summers, Atty at Law


I Take Issue with Tucker Carlson



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