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New webpage entry : Watkinson School for Boys Prep School Adventure

Experience in St. Louis Academy, 8th grade, post the diploma,




The Watkinson Preparitory School for Boys, Hartford

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Reflections from the Mission on a Sunday Morning

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Our Lady Apparations"  (Rev 3) Additional songs of Praise to God, Different Nations, Different Cultures and Customs 


The United Staes of the Republic of America, One Nation Under God with many customs and beliefs and  people of all races from throughout the world.


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Our Lady of the Poor 

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The Teachings of Swamiji Vivekananda



Though in Hindi, the pictures you will see tell you a great deal about Swami (Teacher) Vivekanana

Gravitas: The story of Swami Vivekananda

Excellent 4 minute summary of Swami Vivekanana. The commentator mentions The World Parliament of Religion, 1893. I have the original book which provides all of the speeches and sermons given. My goal is to post the sections regarding Vivekananda and what he said. He was a great man indeed.  His teachings in eight volumes of his lectures which were stenographically recorded which I read systematically during my five years in engineering shcool. 

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Fr. John Corapi, STD The New Catechism of the Catholic Church as Commissioned by Pope John Paul II and Created Under the Direction of Cardinal Ratzinger, Later Pope Bennedict XVI

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This page is at very early stage.

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(2023-Feb-12) I have added a significant amount of material on

https://nenadcuic.com/Australia.My.Life.in.%20Australia.html My primary purpose in developing this website is and has from the start - been to significantly improve my knowlege and EXPERIENCE with coding webpages. I have always planned, since early adulthood, very far ahead. For me I only learn a new subject when I get interested in the topic, etc., except in those situations were the work as a payback such as getting a diploma in engineering since it would be good money and provide good retirement 30+ years later. And it has. I have no intest in incorporating stuff like animations, etc. Basically a book, research topic whatever. Doing it in this form of an autobiographic exercise holds my attention. Once I learn enough Javascript and JQuerry I will go onto plan-B and delete this site theme and go onto something such as thevaccine.net and also hanging my shinge (not shingles - I've had the shot) out and do websites for small business and churches, etc. That's the plan unless I die of old-age since the statistics are not in my favor.  But I don't worry about what I can't change and growning old, try and I might, there is no reverse gear, only a granny-low, king of like a power driven walker, but without a high gear.


-move to blog type format -

You do not have to read the Book of Daniel to see the writing on the wall. Rote learning [learning by repetition such as memorizing muliplication tables or in the case of the Chinese or Japanese - writing where you need to learn at least the meaning of 3,000 characters before you can be considered truly literate] DOES NOT connect you to the APPLICATION of what you are striving to learn. Consequently you will NOT form the associations, the connections within your neuron circuitry in the brain to where you will actually learn and retain new knowledge which is attached to previous "old" knowledge. When new knowledge is blended in with the old knowledge which you already have from you life's experiences and learning.


Then the old and the new all become NEW knowledge and you start to develop INSIGHT. To put it another way, your mental capacity and your knowledge base is the sum of all the associations you have made. And there will come a time when, for instance, someone will say to you, "I have a crick in my neck." You may then find yourself then quickly thinking, "Crick, DNA, Francis Crick,  

"I will see you later if the crick don't rise" which a guy or gal from the rural Kentucky or Tennesse mountains of the East regions will immediately understand what is meant by that statement. Now, for instance, I hear people such as Dr. Robert Malone, or Dr. Chris Martenson use this term often. I have not a clue what they are talking about. When I had my small chicken farm in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee I often slept outside to listen to the sympony of the night sounds. How for a while there will be total silence. And then all of a sudden, like the burst of cymbals coming together - there is an explosion of noise.  And then, a minute or two later - all is silent again. 

When I hear "crickets" mentioned - it is that real night-time experience that I immediately recall. If I did know what those doctors were alluding to, referring to, then I would have another association, another connection in the brains neurocircuits. The more neuroanatomincal connections we have the more associations we form. And at some point in time - a person will "discover" something new for himself. That is when you get the "Ah, I see it now." "I see what you are saying." Or, if you are left-brain dominated then you might well say, "Ah, I hear what you are saying now." The area in the human brain which neurologists associate with speech is called "Broca's region." It is located in the LEFT HEMISPHERE of the brain. Left is defined as the PATIENT sees it.

That's really swell. I now know where my mouth originates its sounds. Just as I know that the cerebellum is somehow related to human balance. Well, by the way, so are your big toes.

But let me toss a dead cricket into your morning coffee. From the experiences of severly wounded soldiers in war whose Broca region was perhaps damaged or destroyed - these are documented cases [as I have read this from books, that is how I know] where with prolonged and intense therapy and treatment - in some instances the "speech center" is somehow relocated to another part of the brain.  What does that tell you? For me, and I told Dr. Harte the same thing as he was sending me regularly his class lecture notes which incldued basic brain stuff, it tells me that the "brain - computer analogy" is inadequate.

The axion-dentrite model does bear similarity to an electrical circuit. Axions and dendrites do conduct electrical impulses. And electrical impulses and nerves do form an association. But add this to the mystery. There are cases where a significant portion of a hemisphere is seriously damaged or parts literally torn away.  That is war.  Yet in some of these cases, with extensive treatments, adaptions have and do take place.

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Let me grab the sutra (and Vedanta Sutras literally mean, Binding threads of the Vedas) and tie it to a memory of an incident that happened in Spring of 1974. In my final senior quarter I was taking a laser & maser course and the lab instrutor was Dr. Jan.  He had rigged up a laser and a collection or mirrors the result of which he targeted a holographic plate and there suspended in the air was a fully three dimensional image of a chick. And you could walk around this image and see all sides of her as though she was a living being. No, one of the sutras was not a G-string and yes, at time - she was legally clothed sufficiently.  When I saw that, there in the laboratory, and then when he told me that even if you broke the holgraphic plate a piece that remained intack would still have ALL THE INFORMATION on that plate. The resolution would be diminished. But the INFORMATION was still all there.

I then said to him, Jan, that is the correct model of the human brain. Because when he remarked about how each individual piece of the glass holograph still retained the information - I imediately associated that piece of knowledge (this being NEW knowlege) with what I had retained regarding my readings on wounded soldiers and their partial recoveries (OLD knowledge and partial recovery being in effect lowered resoution).

This new knowledge and the old knowledge have now become all NEW knowledge - a new train of thought.

One last thought. Recently I read an article on the internet concerning intelligence. This article which I think I have posted elsewhere on this blog, mentioned that there was consideration that with each new added piece of knowledge in the form of learning - that the human brain's gray matter increased in density. That if this was so then you can expect that the brain would take on added weight. Extremely small. But nowdays there are scales that will meaure minute mass weight. Did I believe that? No.

Because the article did not mention the mechanism by which such a phenomena could take place. And it would be a phenomena. Because the human, and I suppose all living things this applies to (except politicians and people who live in the white man's house; Because all eveidence indicates, nay, shows, that these types that infest the areas around the cheap imitations of Roman architecture - function with dead matter shaped generally as that of a bird. And this explains why the Margaret Mead types have identified these bird brain types as evidently evolved from some hitherto unknown source, speculated to be bird dropping which, containing the necessary DNA partical bits - evolved from the bird excrement, nutured by the soil into which the droppings fell - to what you now see in the congress and in the white man's mansion.  That is, they are all derived from pieces of shit.

Without a logical mechanism which would have to explain how an electro-chemical induced electrical field which can be detected by the electroencephalogram was capable of turning energy into matter. And for that matter it begs the question, "what is mind?" Well, it is the absence of matter. That is, no matter.


add about reticular activating system and effect of pot, depression, etc. and the wake-up effect of ritalin, LSD, etc. by the RAS. At least it seems to explain some of it.





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(2023-Jan-30, 5:20am) This letter was sent during height of The Great Betrayal of the American People., [in my opinion. See also

[http://thevaccine.net ] when the masses took the Jim Jones Tonic of Hope, the Cool-Aid Elixir. But what is done is done.

(2023-Feb-07 I am going to be taking all of the vertbiage below, depending on how one looks at it, and making their own web page folders. It is just that my current priority is to focus on improving the formats, coding especially. I have tended to learn the html and css as I went along. But now I think I have a pretty good handle on it and am working mainly on that activity. Then I will build a single css external sheet for both thevaccine.net and this site. But when you are self-tutoring a lot of what you lean is from trial and error.

My next goal then is to go into Javascript. I will learnJavaScript from a structured tutorial either from resources on the internet, Youtube. I am working on my Plan-B for me, for my survival.

The economy of the U.S. and Europe is collapsing. That doesn't mean chaos, riots, etc. though that could happen. What we are seeing in live-time now is a repeat of the 1929-1941 depression. Only this time it is going to be much worse for everyone. But there will be work and there will be opportunity.

The young men and woman will have work. But if they set their expectations too high - that is, they grab for the ring insisting it be gold when all that is offered is brass - then they will go hungry. Your expectations must align with reality, the world as it is, not as we wish it to be

But what are old people to do? I am nearing 80 now so I think I qualify for that designation, an old man.  Well, each person's talents are different. Intelligence wise we are all more or less equal in our potential abilities. A lot of people think, "I am not intelligent enough, not smart enough to pick-up and learn something new, to begin again. Not at my age", they say to themselves. That is not true. This misconception comes from the idea, a myth in my opinion, of the IQ, a number that we are too often and foolishly judged by.

God, Allah, who is absolutely real, gives to each of us TALENTS - not measures of intelligence, as though one person here has a higher density level of gray matter, than the next person over there who has a as a finer protruding frontal lobe, a bigger cerebral cortex, etc. We do not differ, one to another, in inate intelligenceWe differ in our talents given to us by the Creator. This is what is taught in The Parable of the Talents.

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The expression of our talents is visible in our achievements.  And these achievements are reached when we each as an individual person has access to both intervention and opportunity. Those two elements are necessary but not sufficient.To be sufficient we each as a person must have the tenacity of a pit bull dog not to let go when opportunity does come our way. In plain words, education is a DOOR to opportunity. If we enter that door and grasp the opportunity - there is still another requirement you must meet if you are to succeed through the education path. That requirement is STICK-TO-IT-IVENESS. Or, I prefer the easier spelling as I was never much of a speller in English language. STICK-TO-IT-NESS.

What does that mean, stick-to-it-ness? Acording to this site it means "determination and persistence, especially in spite of difficulties; perseverance (wow, this is the really big - you gotta have this > steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

If you give up the fight - if you give up your struggle to reach the goal you have set for yourself - then you will FAIL. And with the economic storm clouds fast approaching - you are NOT going to have the big fat tit of the government to suck on for your necessary nourishment; not any more.

- move the political commentary, etc. also -

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The American government is BUSTED, bankrupt as is the European EU and great Britain. And even the king himself has said, according to a chat room I listened to direct from London,

"I will not allow the "g", as in Great Britain, or G-string, be used in my kingdom anymore until the parlament publically tears down the facade we have errected and admits we are not what we pretend to be, something special, something "great" when in reality we are a "has been" nation. We have "shot our wad - big time."

Then the king elaborated to provide clarification to his people on the exact etymoilogy of the word and expression of "to shoot your wad."

"My people, my subjects of the lower classes devoid of nobility - I do not intend the meaning of the expression, 'to shoot one's wad' to be the same as that which We, and I use the Royal "We" intentionally [since it took me near all of my life time to get what I deserved all along, to be King for at least a day], now ascribe to our former and illustrious, shall I even say, BRAVE HEART prime minister, Tony "the Tiger" as he is sometimes called by those damn Americans, for his courage and stamina and indeed SPUNK or more descriptive, his PLUCK as the Americans define it, "to pluck a chicken of its feathers."

For in effect that is what our dear prime minister Tony the Tiger did to Serbia, plucked its feathers. How proud we are of Tony our puring Tiger, or her, or it, or however he wants to identify himself at any given time and place; whether it be to display himself in a Drag Show for the kiddies, or sit once again on the font bench with his other salacious minded cohorts.

As such I pronouce ex cathedra that Tony the Tiger, our illustrious and brave former prime minister is the spunkiest kid in London and shall hence forth throughout my Realms be known for evermore as Tony the Spunk Head. I affix the Royal Seal to his forehead.

They have all shot their wad, so to speak. The Republic of the United States of America (sort of united for now); the Flim Flam artist that make up the EU, and Britain the Lesser now.

First thing to know is that "shoot your wad" is an Idiom. It means much more than what the British mean when, for instance they say proudly that "Tony Blair shot his wad, let loose his spunk after bombing the cities of Serbia for 78 days continuous - he was that thrilled and excited at what he had accomplished.

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Ofcourse this honor given to Tony is known to have other meanings too.

--- move from here up to other marker - to other web format system


Notes for later.

Intellectual attainment is NOT the measure of the man. good. and ask then,what is.

We are often most vulnerable when we think we have everything under control. lesson learned for sure.

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- move next to the section with Chad Arment, the negro question, etc, and the theme that IQ does not measure intelligence but rather your ability to perform good or poor on taking IQ tests.

Who was "smarter" Mozart or Einstein? By what standard now are you going to apply to answer that question. But if I ask you, who had the greater talent for music? You surely do know. And question - who had the greater talent for very abstract reasoning in physics and advanced (really advanced!) mathematics? I am certain you can answer that question.

We each of us from early childhood are given a basket full of talents. We chose and also our life's circumstances often decide for us - which talents we will develop. What I am getting at and am going to tie it into Plan-B is this:

Most old people, seniors if you prefer, have many talents held in reserve. Kind of like an army that holds back its reserves for when they are needed. We who are old physically need not be old MENTALLY. We often impose on ourself that "we are too old to learn." That is simply rubish. It is an attitude that you need to throw out of your life like you throw out the garbage that you have accumulated. 

"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt." ―

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"Our Doubts are Traitors"



In Act I, Scene 4 of Measure for Measure, heroine Isabella learns that her brother Claudio has been sentenced to death. Lucio, his friend, urges a reluctant Isabella to plead with the stern Duke Angelo on her brother's behalf: "Our doubts are traitors/ And make us lose the good we oft might win/ By fearing to attempt."

A few posts ago, we talked about strategies for making more reserved children

[Good grief lady, why don't you try using real words instead of this fake woke-ism feel good crap. Then you will be doing a real service to children and teens who can't seem to get it together.] 

feel confident in taking to the stage; certainly Shakespeare's words would be enormously persuasive. [really?! you think they'll get insight reading Hamlet or the Measure for Measure quote of Shakipoo] There is something about the personification of those doubts – characterising them as "traitors" rather than formless feelings – that can help children identify the danger they present.

Yet how applicable these lines are to any number of situations, for children and adults alike! Shakespeare explores these issues of selfhood across his works – take Hamlet's "To Be or Not to Be" soliloquy as the most famous example. In Lucio's expression above, Shakespeare highlights the treachery that we risk committing against ourselves. In acknowledging those traitors as such, even as they tell us to hesitate or not try at all, we come closer to keeping them silent.

As the play continues, Isabella overcomes those doubts and indeed intervenes on her brother's behalf. Stay tuned for our next post, when we look more closely at Isabella and Angelo's encounter!


At the heart of Hamlet lies profound uncertainty and doubt. The rest is silence (V.ii.342) These are Hamlet's last words. Unlike many of Shakespeare's tragic heroes, Hamlet never resigns himself to death or embraces it. He spends his final moments imagining the world after his death and begging Horatio to 'report me and my cause aright' (V.ii.323).

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"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt." ―


Sorry you couldn't get to where you wanted to go.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, #1) cover image Lewis Carroll
Alice: "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
The Cheshire Cat: "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
Alice: "I don't much care where."
The Cheshire Cat: "Then it doesn't much matter which way you go."
Alice: "...So long as I get somewhere."
The Cheshire Cat: "Oh, you're sure to do that, if only you walk long enough."

— Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


this write up of hamlet character is not bad at all.

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The Role of Doubts and Questioning in the Construction of Hamlet's Character The Many Doubts of Hamlet C.S. Lewis once said that "the world of Hamlet is a world where one has lost one's way." This statement has many truths to it for the play opens at midnight, which represents a world where man is essentially lost and filled with doubts. According to Lewis, doubt, along with dread and loneliness, are the feelings the world of Hamlet makes us ponder. These feelings are best expressed by none other than Hamlet, who is an emotional human being who feels guilt, remorse and a sense of responsibility to take revenge of his father's murder by Claudius. Much of the information we know about Hamlet come from his soliloquies. A soliloquy is a device often used in drama whereby a character reveals his or her thoughts and feelings to the audience, though not to the other characters in the play. It often creates dramatic irony for the audience is given insight into a character's thoughts and intentions, all of which is withheld from the others. Hamlet's soliloquies stand out in particular as fundamental pillars of the play itself. Nearing the end of the first act, Hamlet encounters the alleged ghost of his newly deceased father. It is in Hamlet's second soliloquy where it is revealed to the audience that he has a number of doubts, one regarding the identity of this spirit. Adhering to his Christian faith, he must determine whether the ghost was sent by the devil or the spirit of his father who came back from purgatory. "…The spirit that I have seen / May be a devil…" (2. 2. 529-530). The manner in which the ghost tells Hamlet to avenge his death is questionable; he makes it seem as though it is an easy task to carry out. Without comforting him and understanding the difficulty of such a task, the ghost could mistakenly appear to be an evil spirit. This soliloquy also indicates that Hamlet doubts whether taking revenge on his uncle is the proper course of action. Hamlet is well aware that murder is considered a sin in Christianity, which is a key factor in delaying Claudius' execution. He thus stages a play in hopes that guilt will coax the king into confessing his dreadful deed. The play is a success and Claudius reveals his guilt, though Hamlet still has doubts about his mother. Gertrude marries so quickly after the death of her husband that Hamlet jokes that "The funeral-baked meats / Did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables." (1. 2. 180-181). It could easily be thought that Gertrude knew about Claudius' plan or even had a part in it. His fearful doubts cause him to be sarcastic toward his mother and to develop a poor outlook on women, exclaiming "Frailty, thy name is woman!" (1. 2. 146) during his first soliloquy. Needless to say, Hamlet's doubt does more than question the ghost's motive and the innocence of Claudius and his mother. His unwillingness to act upon the tasks before him indicates that he does not understand what he is fighting for. Hamlet's father knew why he was fighting Fortinbras senior; to acquire Fortinbras' land. Claudius knew why he murdered Hamlet's father; to become the new king of Denmark and win the heart of Gertrude. However, Hamlet does not know why he should kill Claudius and what good will come out of this act. He sees the bigger picture in all that is happening, which reflects his intelligence and morality. Hamlet's doubts keep us thinking and wondering throughout the play. It is these doubts that assist in setting Hamlet apart from other Shakespearean heroes and make the story a classic for more than three centuries. Need Help With The Assignment? Our professionals are ready to assist with any writing!

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(2023-Jan-26, Rev 0, posted at 9:30am)

keep this and  develop since I have prof. Ks assinine letter about Todd and will post here but without his name, etc. since the letter goes exactly to what to what Spencer is saying.

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is condemnation before investigation."
Edmund Spencer (April 27, 1820 - December 08, 1903)

Herbert Spencer was an English philosopher, biologist, anthropologist, sociologist, and prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era.

William Paley (July 1743 - to 1805 in Bishipwearmouth, England. [What a mouthfull that name is.] See also, [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Paley ] provides (Paley provides ,,, ) a similar bit of personal philosophy which says the same thing as what Edmund Spencer is saying. To wit,

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation." W. Paley


"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." W. Paley


"Who can refute a sneer?" W. Paley

(And it is the sneer in its many manifest ways - that I contend the "gay" person must deal with, must cope with, constantly in this world in which he lives today. And I mean to say the MUST is the  imperative, the command, imposed on him by a society whose sneering is the product of a prejudice. And from wence cometh prejudice? Prejudice is the product, that which is produced, by ignorance and fear. From wence commeth fear? We fear what we do not understand. Hatred is often what we project onto the so called "gay" person because of this fear - fear of what we do not understand.  And because we most often cannot verbalize logically the reasons why we hate that which we cannot understand (because illogical thinking produces garbled thoughts and when spoken aloud produce WORD SALAD which belongs to the schizophrenic; and we mustn't be tagged as being schizophrenic - for that would be even worse than being tagged gay. What do we do resolve to this inner conflict? To come to "grips" with it? We cannot logically express in words irrational thoughts. What do we do then? We create within our minds - we project the enemy image onto that which we cannot understand. We come to hate this enemy image. For the person we have "tagged" as gay - these people being identified as gay - become the "bad guy" the "deviant" that which we should - if not condem - to at least avoid associating with them.

In like manner this identifying a class of people as "the enemy" or at least "an undesirable" who must not be allowed to "influence" our children, is a common tool and technique which is very often used by governments as a device, a tool used in propaganda to deceive the public and convince them that "god is once again on our side - we must kill the tyrant if we are to save the world from being ensalved by him (that is the new target of our attacks.)

In present day America, 2022-2023 this new target, this new enemy, is Vladimir Putin - the Russian! Many yesterdays ago this Putin guy would have been even worse villified. He would have been labeled a COMMUNIST! At that stage in the development of the maturity of a nation toward adulthood - to have been labeled a COMMUNIST was even worse than being labeled "a queer, a fag - he is a queer you know."

We all took for granted that the "communists" "the reds" were bad, were evil, were trying to "caputre our children's minds." This dogma, really this ideology of the times, and a belief systems in and of itself, was ingrained in people's minds from the early part of World War I (1914 to 1918) onward to about the time when the Sovet Union collapsed and then, almost magically, the "commies" became our (Americas) partners.

And too, the People's Republic of China also became our new "economic parter. Remember? Chinese Maximum Leader, or was it "Supreme Leader" anyway, Deng Xiaoping, was actually invited by The Gipper himself to come to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave and visit the Seat of Power in the World. Many Hara haras ... were shouted out loud that all could hear. "Ding-Dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead, ( Ding Dong the Witch is Dead).

The United States had once again saved the world; it had won the First Great War to End All Wars, and then it had won the Second Great War to End All Wars; and then the U.S.A. freed the Korean's from Communist enslavement - we won that war sort-of - and then we ventured to go where the French decided it was better to leave where you were not wanted - and we marched into battle to kill the "gooks" and kill the "kong" those little people who didn't have sense enough to change their pajamas after sleep and get into their nice fitting army suits and their spit-and-polished swamp-proof shoes.

And that too, this fight to free the world from the "commies" sort of boomeranged on them, the Americans. So they high-tailed it out of that hot and sweaty place - but only after they had left a very wide path of vast destruction on the land; so extensive that even William Tecumsheh Sherman himself pushed open the door of his coffin to shout - STOP! - where is your humanity? But a big pile of fresh dirt was dumped on old Tecumseh's grave - shut up Mr. T, we coulda NUKED them Kong any time we wanted. We WON! Because of what we coulda done that. But we didn't 'cause we is humane soldiers of the cross you know.

--- how attitudes change with changes in economic developments

--- how attutudes change with political developments

--- early attitudes regarding sexual orientation. Freud, Richard von Krafft-Ebing, early psychiatrist thinking - homosexuals defined as "inverted" and the "condition" as "inversion" ... years pass by, '40's - early 60's inversion is replaced by "perversion" and homosexuals are labeled "perverts"

... the Village [Grenwich, NYC} rebels - "We are Human Beings" (go foward to Memphis garbage men protest, placards, "We are MEN" Assassination of MLK. At the village, 1969-June-28

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flash back to Master & Johnson, see book, Jane Sherfey is associate; refer to book, etc. then the old ones.

In polite circules "homosexual" becomes "gay" Prison for "being gay" is more or less removed but not the stigma. Go to Ben, Memphis, 1965 and the "gay" men who had gone to prison for being "gay"




Chattanooga, library, "toward an understanding of homosexuality, a read that basically accuses Horatio Alger of being a homosexual ... but he "did much good" etc. My read of 5 of his 1st editions of the his many books shows no such thing.

Is association with young boys prima facie evidence, in effect condemnation before investigation of pedophilia? Then goodbye Boy Scout volunteers, goodbye Girl Scout volunteers, Goodbye single male or single female foster parents - goodbye those adults, young and old who would take time to tutor young children - usually boys and girls over age 12-13 when real educational learning difficulties start to emerge. And why now are these volunteers, why now is it so difficult to find willing foster parents?

"Who can refute a sneer?" W. Paley

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." W. Paley

And remember, prejudice is the PRODUCT of ignorance and fear. And most often we fear what we do not understand.


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Initial rough draft (2023-Jan-28)

the hate against gays is the same as the hate against Russians and now Chinese. Ignorance and fear which is what drives prejudice in all of its forms.

[2023-Feb-07, I now have the lengthly letter from the professor who was an expert at identifying homosexuals of the early 1920s who were hiding in the closet. I will post it but I will NOT identiy the writer as what would be the point? Join in the smear campaign now widely practiced by it seems the main stream media and anyone who speaks out against the liberal, or the "accepted and approved naratives of the moment. What I want you to see, to read, is the logic of a very intelligent person. Perhaps tomorrow.]

A true story concerning Todd Downing, Choctaw indian heritage. His father - Samuel Downing, a solid republican, half Choctaw, Corporal in Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders. He was author of twelve books, mystery novels set in Mexico during depression years, author of The Mexican Earth, a tourist history and also set in Mexico at this time, depression years. Todd Downing, a multi-linguist who was personally honored by Speaker of the House, Karl Albert of Oklahoma for his (Todd) creation and publication of the first Choctaw grammar. And what did he do that was so awful to be labeled "gay" [and at an earlier time - queer, faggot, let's burn his books].

After his death at 72 I donated his thousands of books to Durant College (now university) near the Texas border and about 70 miles south of Atoka. By legal contract these books were donated to the school with the proviso that a room be set aside in perpetuity to hold Todd's books for others to read and study. Before his death Todd had been teaching language and also history of Choctaw and writing plays which were performed at the school.  Once of them, Journey's End became a favorite of the students.

Just what was the SNEER that produced the SMEAR on Todd's name by Prof. K, distinguished academic at no less than Martin Luther Kings alumni. If ever a person knew what the sneer and the smear that often follows - meant and in a very personal way - yes indeed, it was Dr. King .


What Todd did, and I was in a way shocked, flabergasted actually, ... it was discovered by those researching his "reading habbits" that two of the thousand books he had read {and he was also a book reviewer for several publishers} which were written in the 1920s - were alleged to have - GET THIS - "gay themes!"

I'm not a Jack Parr - but I kid you not! Todd's offense was that - he read and I would SUSPECT - reviewed these books as he was a certified book reviewer - two possibly forbidden books. And in the nature of those with suspicious minds.

Any male who would read a book that might have a "gay" theme "...that's enough to indict, damn it" that he MUST be gay. Or why else would he be reading such "trash." Why else would a man or woman trying to help some young teen (which by definition would not tagg that person as a 'pedophile'). But the attitude is often that someone who helps a young person must have a "special interests" in the teen, a "special friendship".

America has been infatuated for near a hundred years with  "rounding up the queers" and burning them at the stake - 20th century's version of the Salem Witch Trials. And, in addition to the U.S. government wanting to play constant war games in - its twentieth-twenty-first century version of Cowboys and Indians - it is still locked into the adolescent stage on its road to adult maturity.

Fortunately, when the World Court gets around to trying the United States for its war crimes and other crimes against humanity - smart lawyers will be able to convince the judges to try the United States in Juvenile Court - because the evidence is overwhelming that its leaders and government officials, its senators and congressmen and folks in the White Man's House - are still locked the juvenile stage of development - but with the unfortunate fact that their testosterone continues to rage and rage to the great detriment of smaller children such as Syria, Lybia, Afghanistan, Iran, etc., etc.


Perhaps the only way to quiet down these generals is for the U.N. to begin a world-wide effort to distribute massive doses to all the military men in the 800+ military bases around the world with doses of estrogen and hope for the best that we will have peace on earth.


As for the odd-ball in the White Man's House - too much testorone is absolutely NOT his problem, though I am sure he wishes it were. He can still get up in the moring by himself - but that is the only getting up he can do. Higher orders of reasoning has left him in the dark.

end for now. subject to revision later.


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(2023-Feb 7, 2023)

Initial memory dump - to be purified later:

Todd Downing, prof.X, English Dept. o XYZ University, insists beyond reason that Todd was homosexual,

[he wasn't the only one. Several articles were published in English journals which alluded to this topic - based on nothing but that he was in possession of two 1920s gay theme books.]

must have been, etc. Not that his 13 novels suported it, though his key hero, he claimed proved it - etc. lots of rubbish here - I knew Todd very well over many years. But he and some other "critics" also took as proof several 1920s books that Todd had in his library of about 5000 books (all of which I donanted to Univ of Durant after Todd died) that these few books out of the MANY showed that Todd MUST HAVE BEEN GAY! I mean, should his publishers have put a scarlet letter on all of Todd's books (first native Indian, Choctaw, to be successful writer of mystery books,) to ward and protect the public from Todds risky reads. It is the same mentality as was with those who dared to read books on Marx or Lenin in the 1930s - late 1980s. I was many times myself accused of being a closet communist because of my interst in learning about that thinking and philosophy. But people's opinions or threats mattered little especially after I had acquired useful rebuttles following years of appropriate training.

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- My march with the marchers to jackson ms following the attempted assassination of James Meredith in 1966. I see first hand how hate and irrational prejudice acts on otherwise normal people, blind rage - I see it for myself. Locate the long email to Sy about all this from years ago. This same hatered I see projected onto those now labeled "queer" "gay" etc.

Now that being as bad as being a "nigger" kike, spick (if you grew up some in Manhattan near Harlem you heard it, 1959. Best young friend I had living in Manhattan was a Puerto Rican, lived over on 98th, one block before you crossed the border and got into Harlem, and mother was a nurse at Mt. Sini, near by. He tells me one day that he is a "Spick" so I learn a new word attached to a friend.

Tell about Willy over on 97th toward Lexington ave. Our trip to Washington DC (if I have not yet put it into this story).


Tell about the Nigerian EE engineering student, last quarter, each EE student had to submit an electronic design, amplifyer, conttrol system, etc. and buld the thing and show the engineering, math, etc. Each must chose one partner and submit the product and engineering report as requirement for graduation. The Nigerian and I team up, but I waited to see if anyone else would - I remembered the march to Jackson MS. I was curious what had if anything really changed.


- Atoka - 1962 you an injun lover aint ya

boy I sure have heard that one a lot - you are a nigger lover aint-ya,

you a communist lover aint ya - you gotta be one of them


- move all this-

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this next session is out of place where I was writing political stuff. I decided to make uniform the css in preparation for using an external style sheet and in doing so a couple of things got out of place. [that is what I am doing now]No big deal as I backup regularly. So the ". . . But I don't like Poles . . . is split apart from what I was developing. I will get it all connected but it takes time with only 24 hours per day, earth time.


But I don't like the Poles. Never have liked them come ta think about it. I don't know why I don't like em.  Never have. But I DO really like their National Anthem.

Mazurka Dabrowskiego

It's gutsy stuff. It's got fighting music and words. It's a man's anthem. I mean, THEY like my kind of music, my kind of singing. I think I can get to like them if I know them better.


I mean, I don't mean me no disrespect or nothing, but you know, what's this, "O'er the ramparts we watch'd were so gallantly streaming? Does he got an ear ache or what, O eer. And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

I mean, that just don't turn me on, you know what I mean. O er, what's that? O er, o er stuff mean anyhow? And this stuff, "we be a watching gallantry streaming? What's that! something to do with Netflix?


No, I'll stick with them Poles when it come to fighting. They know how to make music want you to fight fer whatya really believe in.


And anyhow, I always did like their Polish sausage, their Kielbasa loaded with them German's sauerkraut (got ta give them Krauts some credit for making a good dish.)


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Mazurka Dabrowskiego   (This is really one neat song, anthem. It tells you that the Poles have a lot of fight in them and won't take BS from anyone no batter how big.)

a really great sounding song

Poland has not yet perished so long as we are still alive

What the alien force has taken from us, we shall retrieve with a stabre.

March, March, Dabrowski, from the Italian land to Poland.

Under your command

We shall rejoin the nation.

March, March, Dabrowski,

From the Italian land to Poland

Under your command

We shall rejoin the nation

Well cross the Vistua and Warta,

We shall be Polish.

Bonaparte has given us the example of how we should prevail

March, March, Dabrowski

From the Italian land to Poland

Under your command

We shall rejoin the nation.

March, March, Dabrowski

From the Italian land to Poland.

We shall rejoin the nation


Go Poland, You won last year - You Can Do It Again

Mazurka Dabrowskiego   

Poland Wins Again


Poland Beat the Russkies Today

Tomorrow is Another Day

Serbia Yesterday, Serbia Today, Serbia Tomorrow


When at First You Don't Succeed

Try Try Again




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(2023-Jan-25) A Flight to the Past



And that is what Germany is doing - got their tail curled up under their belly. What a nation of cowards, it sure looks that way.Germany for sure has CAPITULATED.

I watched your President's short video praising China on its 100th year anniversary and on China's great accomplishments since its independence and liberation from the oppression and tyranny of the Nationalist forces. I am glad to find out that the president of Serbia is a progressive - placing the needs of the society ahead of the enrichment of a few above the needs of the many. I recorded his short speech and will find time to forward to you. Also, the same feeling for your foreign minister whose first name is Nikola, like you.


I read how Serbia is wanting to join the EU but also wants to remain neutral in terms of military alliances with neither EU, U.S.A. or China and Russia. That is non-alignment position and is the best one to take. But EU will never concede to Serbia on that. EU is a lackey dog of the Americans and Serbia will have to choose whether to align with the dogs or the bear and the dragon - at some point in time. The bear did not steal Kosovo away from Serbia. The EU aided and abetted the theft of Kosovo from Serbia. Remember that.


And if Serbia thinks that aligning with EU will make it prosper economically - think again - think about Greece. Britain did one wise thing when it joined the EU. It kept its own currency.

When a nation gives up its own currency to some bureaucratic system - it gives up fully its sovereignty. And it is then almost impossible to escape, to extricate itself from the strangulation that Brussels can inflict on that country. That is why Greece is totally impoverished today. Had they kept their currency then at least they could have used financial tools to keep its people from starving. They are now paying the price for their foolish surrender of their independence.


Now to my point tonight. Here is an article for you to read when you have time from your busy schedule.


I take no position on the question of "gay rights" or whether homosexual conduct is normal or a mental aberration.  The question is simply one of what does sovereignty actually mean?

What I do say is that Hungary, like Poland is a strong Christian nation which opposes homosexual practices {not necessarily orientation} as against their customs and religious teachings.

These customs and religious teachings go back over a thousand years. Yet in both of these countries the bureaucratic perverts in Brussels are demanding that Hungry and Poland suppress, to deny - their very customs and religious beliefs and teachings to appease a very small minority of people who believe homosexual practices, behavoir - are normal activities.

If Poland and Hungry acquiesce to the dictates [diktieren, диктирати] of the dictator, the Brussel bureaucratic rulers, then these countries will no longer be sovereign nations.

Are they to surrender their dignity and national respect over the issue of forcing these Christian countries to legitimize sexual behavior that goes totally against the teaching of the Christian beliefs? That is what is being demanded of them.


This very issue will also confront Serbia if she decides that material prosperity is more important to the Serbian nation than its dignity and sovereignty.

All that Serbia gains by joining the EU is possible improved economic conditions. But at what cost? And how did the surrender by that ancient and honorable nation, Greece, turn out for them? Are they better today for throwing in their lot with the EU?


This reminds me of the great words of the Mexican patriot, Emiliano Zapata, who is remembered by his people for his immortal words when he said,

"It is better to die standing on your feet than begging on your knees!"


Isn't national honor and respect for your country's customs and religious beliefs, {and Serbian East Orthodox tradition which goes back over a thousand years} worth more than the ability to buy a few more "things" "gadgets" "plastic stuff" that soon clog up your landfills and garbage dumps?


What will Hungry do? What will Poland do? What will Serbia do?

At what price does a nation surrender its sovereignty, its dignity and self-respect to join with the harlot and prostitute itself to short term and fleeting pleasures?


Serbia sacrificed over twenty-five percent of its young male population to answer that question when the Nazis demanded that it surrender its sovereignty in exchange for "peace." What was the answer that the Serbs gave to the Nazis? "It is better to die standing on your feet than begging on your knees!"


I don't know Serbian history. But I am certain that was the spirit that moved the partisans to fight regardless of the sacrifice. The honor and dignity of the nation of Serbia came FIRST!

Nenad Cuic of the Kingdom of Serbia

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What follow are not my words but those of Pat Buchanan, United States, from article he wrote to unz.com


EU to Hungary's Victor Orban - Back Gay Rights or Get Out, unz.com 2021-07-02



Respect LBGT rights or get out of the EU, 66Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte instructed Hungary's Viktor Orban at last week's gathering of the European Union in Brussels.

According to Reuters, attendees described it as the "most intense personal clash among the bloc's leaders in years."

What caused the clash?

Hungary just passed a law that bans schools from using materials seen as pro-homosexuality. According to the AP, the new law "prohibits sharing content on homosexuality or sex reassignment to people under 18 in school sex education programs, films or advertisements."

Rutte eagerly related details of his confrontation with Orban: "It was really forceful, a deep feeling that this could not be. It was about our values; this is what we stand for." *

*(1) "I said, 'Stop this; you must withdraw the law, and if you don't like that and really say that the European values are not your values, then you must think about whether to remain in the European Union.'"

Orban calls himself a freedom fighter and defender of traditional Catholic values who believes in democracy but not liberalism: "The Hungarian nation is not a mere pile of individuals."

Almost everyone apparently came down hard on Orban.

European Council President Charles Michel reminded Orban "that values such as freedom, tolerance and human dignity are at the heart of the EU."

Several EU member states signed a letter declaring: "Respect and tolerance (2) are at the core of the European project. We are committed to carry on with this effort, making sure that future European generations grow up in an atmosphere of equality and respect." (3)

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was in the meeting and, asked about Hungary's new law, replied: "All forms of discrimination are totally unacceptable and obviously any form of discrimination in relation to LGBTQ+ people are totally unacceptable."

The issues raised by this confrontation are many.

First, those who warned in the 1960s that the EU, which began as a European Coal and Steel Community, a French-German free-trade zone of six nations, would inevitably evolve and expand into a transnational regime that would seek to impose its "values" on its members have been proven right.

And what are "EU values"? Who declares them; who defines them?

Christian teachings have a pedigree that goes back millennia.

But what is the source of moral authority for modernity's doctrine that homosexuality is moral, other than some transient ideology, which Russell Kirk reminded us is political religion?

What is the source of the morality that teaches same-sex unions are the equal of traditional marriage and any government that does not agree is a bigoted regime with which we ought not associate?

For the stand the EU takes today — that homosexuality is natural and normal and should be morally and legally the equal to other forms of sexual expression — flatly contradicts those Christian beliefs and values that Europe itself reflected at the EU's infancy.

Do values change? Or are people simply converted to new faiths, new beliefs, new ideas and new "values" that contradict the old ones that were taught and believed for centuries?

If tolerance is, as Michel declares, an EU value, is the canopy of tolerance not wide enough, and the big tent of tolerance not large enough, to include the Christian values Orban espouses, though they contradict the EU values that Rutte and others declare?

Is not Hungary being subjected to EU discrimination for the moral offense of holding on to beliefs that differ from the new EU consensus?


Is the EU's liberalism so intolerant of dissent it would expel an EU member who does not embrace its 21st-century teachings on LGBT rights?

Not until this century in the USA was homosexuality declared a constitutional right. Justice Antonin Scalia famously dissented from that decision.

And if Hungary holds to ideas and beliefs Scalia held, and tens of millions of Americans still hold, but is forced out of the EU for so doing, why would we Americans not stand behind Hungary's right to dissent?

American values, once declared to be freedom, liberty and independence, have evolved into inclusiveness, diversity and tolerance.

Which brings us to the cancel culture.

Where is the tolerance here for differences of belief about whether homosexuality is moral? Cannot those who reject newly established opinion still be included in the company of decent men? Or do the values of inclusion and diversity not extend that far?

Why should disbelievers in the moral equality of homosexuality be excluded from the circle of decent men?
We're getting close here to what cancel culture is all about.

Are future European generations to be taught that the Christian position on homosexuality was backward, bigoted and hateful and that its abandonment marked a major step in human progress?

If the Hungarian people and nation find that EU values conflict with their Catholic and Hungarian values, they should declare their independence of the EU as anything other than a trading bloc.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of "Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever."

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*(1) What this guy Rutte is actually saying is this: The European Union is the dominant authority that transcends any other authority or belief systemsof its member states that is at variance with the rules and dictates of The Gang of Brusselites. This includes the teachings, or shall we say - the beliefs of the churches; and also the nation's LAWS. Are the laws of a soverign nation subserviant to a bunch of Brusselite bureaucrats.  Say it ain't so, Joehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI3Zi056PuM 

In other words, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands, Deutschland, Deutschland uber Alles, France, and the "has been" Britain, etc., etc., all the low life European Coolies - whose prime function in the oranization (the EU) is to carry the water for the Brusselites, the SAHIBS (as the meaning of the word in this case is known well in India) and to clean their chamber pots on time.

RotorRooter Rutte use of the word "values" is a deflection, a diversion of his true meaning and intent of the word - values. We saw this same ploy used by the Wicked Witch of the West - where her every utterence was "our vaues this" and "our values that" as though SHE WAS THE HOLDER OF THE VALUES when in reality both she and RotorRooter Rutte are nothing but holders in good standing of the Golden Fleece Award. It is YOU, citizens of the EU, that Rotor Rooter Rutte wants to fleece. 

You see, the value of a thing, an idea, a belief system, is what YOU the individual deem it to be. YOU the individual set the value based on what YOU feel is important to YOU. Many people value things in terms of money. That is, their value of an object, be it a workd of art or literature, etc., is QUANTIFIED.

But there are other circumstances where it is not possible to quantify the meaure of our values in terms of a unit called money or its substitutes. Take for instance an enviroment where there is not known the thing called money. Where there is no MINE AND THINE. Then it may be that the people in such a society or group will come to value their relationship with each other as most important - and the measure of that relationship might well be in "how much do I trust this other person." Thus the measure of the trust we hold for another determines the weight of the value we hold for that other person.

In other words, values are not COLLECTIVE. RotorRooter Rutte would have you believe that there is one set and only one set of values that you are allowed to hold, one belief system and only one, - if you want to be ONE OF THEM. And that is those permitted by the high priests in the Temple of the Brusselites from where sprout such rubbish.

<aside> Let me divert for one moment and give you an aside to clarify one aspect of what I am trying to say and how it weighs in great measure what may be the outcome of the war that is happening now with Russia and Ukraine/NATO and its piglets.

When my true mother, a Serb, retuned from a visit to Russia (which was exactly in the immediate aftermath of Chernoby, she wrote to me a letter prior to her visit from Manhattan to Chattanooga (where I was living at the time) which said, in part,

"Here is a bit which you will find interesting. In Russia when a person comes to visit another in say, the apartment, he will say upon entering the room, "Your brother has arrived" or in a similar way, "your brother is here." Then Radja said, "They are establishing the basis of the RELATIONSHIP. For instance, (she continued) "He is not my brother. What is his relationship to ME."


Radja then continued to explain to me that in the Russian culture TRUST IS EVERYTHING. If you lie, if you break your word, if you double-cross a Russian - then they are through with you from then on. They generally take people at their word."

Then I remembered what I had once heard Nikita Sergeyevich Krushchev say (but in what context I do not now remember).

"Fool me once, shame on YOU. Fool me twice - shame on ME."

Is this what Deutschland, Deutschland uber Alles really wanted? Is this what France or Britain really wants? Or is this occupation by the EU bureaucrats, Rule by the Bureateriat. Is this what you, Poland, a strong Catholic nation want - or likewise Hungary - or the rest of the EU/NATO bunch? The Bureateriat telling your people what is and what is not acceptable sexual practices when in fact as far as the Bureateriat is concerned - ALL sexual styles is just fine with them. Have a smorgasbord of sex, whatever your likes and tastes might be.  And because RotorRooter Rutte has told you that the Bureateriat will decide what your"values" shall be, what is approved (by THEM) and what is not acceptable (by THEM) you will have NO choice in the matter.  Well I ask you Poland, Hungary, etcetera etcetera why don't you keep your values for you and your nation and tell the Bureateriat to go f%#*&2ff.  The EU is collapsing anyway, this very moment!  The EMU (European Monetary Union) is BUSTED and going under. The ECB has f*%732D all of you members of the EU. All that you saved for the future is evaporating away and there ain't nothing you can do about it. The Maastricht Treaty was a sham from the beginning. The big bank and the ECB never intended to honor the spirit and intentions of the Maastricht Treaty.  And the biggest gangster who inflamed the monetary storm was the EU banker's best friend, Ben, the noble gas winner Ben Beer_nanke. You're going down folks, down down and out.  And the prime culprit is the U.S. Federal Reserve which has NO Federal in it.  It too is a sham. The FED serves the giant banks and only the giant banks in the U.S. And they fu*$$d YOU royally to make hundreds of billions of profits for the very few at YOUR expense and the American people's expense. Go ahead and cry, 'cause tears is all your are going to have left to give to your family. If you'all can't see that you have been HAD by the U.S. FED - then you better put a dunce cap on your head and go fly away.

Russian people will never again trust the Americans or even the EU states. You could have been independent of the U.S., gone out on your own and become very prosperous.  Now all you've got left is the big tit of the U.S. government and the hope that they will let you suck on it so that you will get enough nourishment to survive.

The crystal has been shattered into a thousand pieces. And now the trust that was is turned to dust. In its place is a finger on the trigger. Is this really what you wanted for your country, for its people? For your families?  For the future of your children?

Are you now, America, Europe, Japan, going to now go Kamikaze, it's all or nothing? What's to loose now? Put all your chips on the table? Are you now Dostoevsky's The Gambler? Bet everything on the belief that the American Superpower horse will win the race? 

Do you realize that Russia can destroy every major city of all NATO members - utterly devestate them, within 15 minutes of any launch. Did not your schools teach you what happened to beautiful Warsaw, its virtual total destruction by the NAZI fanatics; what about beautiful old Berlin? How did it end for that city? 

Christian Poland, Christain Germany, Christian France - have you forgotten the teaching of Christ?  Luke 14:28

King James Bible
For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?


New Living Translation
"But don't begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it?


Berean Standard Bible
Which of you, wishing to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost to see if he has the resources to complete it?



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The Republic of the United States of America is facing, NOT, repeat, NOT, an existential event. It is actually and truly facing an EXTINCTION EVENT which will lead to its ultimate DEMISE.

America's very own ''EXTINCTION EVENT''

And to better understand how and why these delusional politicians both on the USA side and also the EU and its NATO children, read this famous analysis - the same condition, same ''disease'' if you will allow me to call a thing by its right name.


Let's see why.

Groupthink Among Policy Makers - and how this time it may well destroy the country we have all loved - because of a few wacoos who are disregarding the lives of millions of Americans this time.


Let's see if we can figure out what these Big Cheese EU masters are really up to. Someting don't quite add up. They say one thing with high fallutin sounding words. But then do the oposite of what you'd expect. 

I tell you true - you citizens of the EU - you are being led to your slaughter by these American tyrants. They are PSYCHOPATHS. And what is that? THEY ARE SATAN WORSHIPERS - TRUE FOLLOWERS OF THE GREAT SATAN HIMSELF. For Satan has NO CONSCIENCE, no morality, no concern for human life, they love ONLY DESTRUCTION AND DEATH.

And you say POPPYCOCK (senseless talk, nonsense). Fine, say what you want. But I ask you this one question:

What has been accomplished by the sacrifice of well over 100,000 young Ukranian men - many if not most - fathers of children - now dead!

And for what? When honest negotiations is all that Russia asked to be held in February of 2022. And even in March when Turkiye;s Honorable President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan worked as an honest broker for PEACE - and Russia and Ukraine had reached a tentative agreement which would have saved tens of thousand, perhaps hundreds of thousand Ukrainian and also Russian young men's lives. And it would have avoided the utter destruction that is now upon Ukraine.

And WHO betrayed the Ukrainian nation, its people? Was it Vladimir Vladimirovich? Who has always and still does - stress his kindship with the Ukrainian people.

Can you honestly deny this? Was it not the Biden thugs and the henchmen of Britain led by Boris the wild boar of Britain Johnson, who licks his chops and sharpens his tusks at the death of each Ukrainan and Russian young man and most probably a father of children. 

Don't you see, citizen of the EU - that these scoundrels, these mean and worthless evildoers DELIGHT in the torture and death they have created in land of Ukraine. If you cannot see that you are being played for the fool, you are being played the PATSY - then it is TOTAL DESTRUCTION that awaits you. Because you have a losing hand and seem not to know how the cards are stacked against you. CHECKMATE!

-(2023-feb-05, I'm attempting to go through the editing process and will stop here for now and pick it up tomorrow if possible. Also I have been and continue to redue the web page for consistency in such matters as the fonts, size, etc. Most of the text is writtin using the paragraph tag, p. But it is in black and white. Tomorrow I hope to create some styling changes and additions so that, for instance, when I want to use red for emphasis I just pull up p1 or p2 which will be paragraph in the various colors. So, for now, gute Nacht and Спокойной ночи.

What are these guys really up to? Let's see if the pieces of the puzzle can be put together enough that we can see their true motive, why they are doing what they are doing - when obviously it is irrational. Unless there is a real well thought out plan of much greater scope.

I now ask this one question. Is there not a possible ulterior motive for the behavior of the U.S., Britain, NATO and the whole bunch of them when it is now appartent that the intential DELAYING ACTIONS by Biden/NATO, etc. are in actuallity a subterfuge, a planned stategic TACTIC - in preparation for when the timing is considered to be "just right" to launch a "surprise attack" a new Operation Barbarossa on Russia in order to ONCE AND FOR ALL get rid of the one force that can PREVENT the creation of this NEW WORLD ORDER - which will be ruled from The Dictatorship of the United States in ALLIENCE with the new SINGLE state of the EU, a new Fourth Reich!

Is that really so far fetched when we look back on all that has happened?  For instance, by her own admission, this woman A. Merkel planned all along to deceive Russia on the Minsk Agreements. WHY? IN ORDER TO BUY TIME. To BUY TIME to do WHAT! 

I speculate that what is actually happening is that what is to be bought by this time is AN ALL OUT ATTACK ON RUSSIA, a single swift and sudden knockout blow when least expected - when the Biden gang feels that they have the NECESSARY EDGE to OVERWHELM RUSSIAN DEFENSE SYSTEMS.

Did not Hitler also BUY TIME with the Treaty of Friendship?

The whole scheme of the US-NATO_EU_to be STATE has been one of delay, delay, delay - as is the lawyer's adage when he needs time to shore-up a weak defense, a weak hand, (as in poker).

After all, this is all a gamble is it not? What does the U.S. and EU (when turned into a single state) have to gain?


Their mission, their ultimate goal? One giant world power, the EU and US joined together to form a super-state and effectively a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ruled by the U.S. but in alliance with the NEW EU - no a single entity power - all previous states no longer sovereign but under the boot-heal of the U.S.

With SATAN, it is better to rule on EARTH than the SERVE in HEAVEN.  We now see SATAN'S PLAN UNFOLDING. And who is left to oppose them - these Satan worshipers - Led by the Tyrant Biden.

There is only one power remaining on earth that is a block to the satanic plans of the U.S._EU mob. The Russian Federation (A devout Christain nation) which will not compromise their first obedience which is to GOD, to ALLAH.

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If Biden and his gang in the EU and NATO cannot defeat and thoroughly CRUSH Russia - then they, Biden and his followers will be through. A new BI-POLAR WORLD will be formed. Africa will rise - step by step into a new world where they will share in its prosperity. Asia will rise where its people will also share in the new prosperity. Central and South America will rise and grow into a new prosperity. All of those nations which have been tagged as "3rd world - untermenchen nations" by the imperialist dictatorship of the United States will rise freed from the shackles that have held them down for centuries under the mighty thumb of Britain and then the United States when it abandoned God and turned instead to greed and power as the new object of its worship.




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-- more later. The above (except for those writing of Pat Buchanan) are my extemporaneous thoughts, my flights from reality, and my soliloquy and intended to be only thoughts for the moments - things to relect upon and nothing more.  And that's the way it is, this Thursday night, January 25, 2023. 


gute Nacht and dasvadanya

Nenad of the Kingdom of Serbia

(2023-Jan-27, 5:45am) (2) But WHOSE RESPECT AND TOLERANCE? What of the respect and tolerance for the religious beliefs and cultural traditions and customs of Hungary and Poland and Serbia? Do these nation's people not qualify for your definition of respect and tolerance, equality and respect, stamp out 'All forms of discrimination" 'Love our LGBT +&- to the Nth degree; Onward Onward EU Soldiers, Marching for Diversity - with the cross of RotorRooter Rutte - going head long first. Trust in Biden our royal Master, leads us against the Russian Foe,; Forward Forward we go into tank battles - and then perhaps the nuks." Etc., etc.,etc., to death do us part; burry us on the lone prairie along with our fellow prairie dogs, on those new and barren dusty plains of the lost lenore, Ukraine - croaked the black bird Biden nevermore.


(3)Defined by who(m)?

(4)But if these so called, "LGBTQ+" people;s behavior and conduct are at total complete variance and disregard for the laws, beliefs customs and cultures of other nations - then who decides?

If it is to be you, the bureaucrats of The Kingdom of Brusselgrad (unelected by the people of your EU that these appointed bureaucrats are supposed to represent) - then is not your edicts, demands and diktates imposing (for now) in effect a De Jure segregation on a people whose law, customs, and cultural beliefs contravene your personal (you and your bureaucrats) system of beliefs and your personal definitions of what is right and what is wrong. Are you not now, and have you not from the start of the EU been a Dictatorship of the Bureaucrats? You, Herr Doktar Professor RotorRooter Rutte want to shove the people of Hungary and Poland and Serbia and I am sure there are many others yet to come - into your own persoanl new Warsaw Getto - the place you set aside for those who deviate from your personal brand of taste and flavor of what is equality and respect; and for who(m) it applies and does not apply.

Your mentality and rationalizations are no different than those of Herr Heinrich Himmler and his devoted Savior, Hitler,of what is right and proper for Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles. Shall you next demand that all citizens of Hungary and Poland will wear a yellow star to publically announce their untermenchen status? Or perhaps Herr Doktar Professor RotorRooter Rutte should be more original and have the Hungarians and Polish people wear a big scarlet letter marked !D! for deviant from Brusselgrad's party policy.

Admit it, at least to yourself, I mean, the biggest fool is he who lies to himself, that what you, Herr Doktar Professor RotorRooter Rutte - espouse, assert and DEMAND of others to believe - is no different than those beliefs held by Herr Himmler and his perosnal Savior - Herr Hitler.

You want to create and be the new LEADER of the new ReichEU that will follow step-by-step the Orders that come from the new Berghof in the secret chambers of Brusselgrad. I mean, why don't you and your like kind fellow followers just move to Berchtesgaden, enjoy the sights [and its weather is lovely this time of year - and the climate changes frequently which should suite you just fine) and begin again and rebuild the place to your own specifications - and quit your phoney facade and FRONT you put on and admit your real intentions.

Which is to turn the EU into a single entity where all its currrent soverign nations become vassal states, you become a power unto yourself - rejecting The Inalienable Rights of Man - and create the New Fourth Reich. And Satan himself will Rule YOU from the lands of the Once and Great Republic of the United States of America. Sieg Heil Biden! Sieg Heil Das Feurer RotorRooter Rutte!

And who stands in your way as a bar to your conniving plans? The Russian Federation. Who(m) (or whatever you like) must first be destroyed for you to build back better a new and more powerful Fourth Reich? The Russian Federation.

Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum)

Aufmerksamkeit! The above thoughts and writings are but flights into fantasy land and should be taken as such. Perhaps we can get Oppie to produce and direct a new Valkyrie movie in the fine tradition of his Appolo 13. Good Luck.

uti bene dies - Indeed. For "...in the long run we are all dead." Was he not LGBTQ +&-

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A Flight to the Past

2021-06-29 ltr to 1st cousin in The Kingdom of Serbia

2021-06-29 email to cousin with virus info and analysis of possible pending war with Russia and china


It does look like China and Russia had the correct approach to treating covid and in the selection of the design approach. Children being given the mRNA vaccine are increasingly coming down with heart damage. It does look like the American mRNA is dangerous. But it is being pushed because of the billions of dollars it is bringing to the big pharmas. Also, the big pharmas are the biggest contributors to the politicians campaigns. Does that perhaps suggest a deeper motive? Pfizer announced that they may see 100 billion $ in profits this year from the vaccine.


The MSM (main stream liberal media) and also FOX - and the politicians, almost all of them, but not 100% - seem to be "priming the pump" in preparation for engaging China and possibly Russia in, hopefully, limited war. The old hand water pumps that farmers use to pump the water from the ground - if they have not been used in a while the farmer must pour some water on the pump seals to help them expand and "make the seal" before the vacuum action of the pump will draw water.


It seems obvious to me that this is happening now in terms of preparing the "masses" for the upcoming conflict. They want to blame China for the deaths of, what is an ever expanding claim, 600,000 Americans. The conservative media even tries to draw similarities with Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 6, 1941.


The way I look at our relationship with China is this: China didn't close down thousands of American factories and destroy the American middle class. American corporations and executives stripped the U.S. of its productive manufacturing might in order to maximize profits for themselves, the CEOs, stockholders, etc. China had every right to compete. But if American business wants to hand China the tools and technology to become #1 economic power in the world - why should not China accept the "gift". This claim that China "stole" the intellectual property of the U.S. is what is called "a red herring." It is a very common expression and this is what the China haters are using:

Red herring
A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences toward a false conclusion. A red herring may be used intentionally, as in mystery fiction or as part of rhetorical strategies, or may be used in argumentation inadvertently. Wikipedia

But the red herring always has a purpose. And I think it is to lay down the ground work for initiating conflict. I think too, but this is only a guess on my part, that the U.S. sudden departure from Afghanistan is for purpose of consolidating the military forces.


The crazies looking for war need a pretext first. Pretext is: A reason or excuse given to hide the real reason for something. To use as a pretext, or cloak or covering; assume as a means of concealment.

That which is assumed as a cloak or means of concealment; something under cover of which a true purpose is hidden; An ostensible reason, motive, or occasion; a pretense.


These war mongers will want to get NATO somehow involved without them - NATO - suspecting that they are being USED. [Manipulating another for your own purposes. Taking advantage of their - NATO - gullibility. The state or character of being gullible; unsuspecting credulity.


How might they do that? They will want to poke the bear in the side just enough to antagonize without enraging the beast. The only "cub" the bear has in Europe that might cause a reaction is Serbia. But so far, things have been quite in that part of the world as far as I know.


It is going to be interesting times. If there develop perturbations, if homeostasis is disturbed - send me the news links if they are in English.


Nenad (2021-June-29)


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Victor E. Frankle, M.D, (Neurology & Psychotheropy (Logo Therapy)

(1)  What is Meant by Meaning? (36 mb 192 bit),  Audio Sound Seminar, 25min (This sound seminar by Dr. Frankle was sent to me 53 years ago by Dr. Harte toward the end of my freshman year in engineering school. I have held onto it all these years.  Recently with new technology and software I have been able to re-create its quality from the original.  Magnetic tapes do become brittle over time.  So luck has been with me in preserving this recording.

(2)  Self-Transendence.  This is the other Dr. Frankle sound seminar Dr. Harte sent to me. 

Initial rough draft of transcript in provided  Transcripts 





FREUD.SEXUALITY.MORALITY 48 Page illumination of man's most inner desires.

This is a 48 page pamphlet, and includes in the back sections four pages of advertisement for books by the Eugenics Publishing. These books deal exclusively with sexual topics which seems to me apropo for almost anything Freudian.  This pamplet was part of Ruth Downing;s memorabilia collection which included the unpublished lecture notes of Dr. Margaret Mahler, M.D., Psychoanalyst and pediatrician (approx 150 pages). (See below for more details regarding Margaret Mahler.)

The pamplet is very brittle and the images are true to its present color. Initially I am sure the text was black print on white pamphlet paper. I have post the entire pamphlet. It is in JPG format. 

But then I will follow through making the jpg files each searchable pdf. If you are in a hurry, and Freud interests you to the extent that there are some who still enjoy driving around in Model Ts - then with an image to pdf converter you can turn each page into text and copy it into MS Word and go at it to the extent that you find it pleasurable in accordence with Freud's Pleasure Principle.


This paper of Freud' is historical. But I doubt myself whether Freud would have given permission to a publisher who advocated Eugenics - permission to publish his work.

(2023-Jan-11 Rev)

FREUD.SEXUALITY.MORALITY 48 Page illumination of man's most inner desires.

Letter Series (UPDATED 2023-Jan-13 9:14am CST)

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Dr. James R. Harte, M.D., Child Psychiatrist & Correspondence over twenty-five years  [Jan 3, 2023 I have posted about 70% of them and some of the letters are mixed and a couple I still have to find the missing pages. But what I have posted does give you an idea of the product of my first nine years of life, my isolation from any significant contact with any adults during those years.

In otherwords, actually instituionalized but along with a large number of other children, all boys because in those days the sexes were not mixed as such. 

But I will add that WE, me and the many others, were ALL IN THE SAME BOAT TOGETHER. Nothing happened to me that didn't happen to millions of other children following the Second Great War to End All Wars. We were all desperately lonley, desperately wanting to be loved by some adult who would take care of us, take us away from this place. But there were no adults around other than the few who were the care-takers of us children. We were ALL the product of the war in Europe, WW-2, a year later after peace had returned. 

But the consequeces of war continue for several generations following the actual participants and countries involved in that initial war, involved in the actual combat engagements. That is why it often takes more than an average person's lifetime for the wounds of a great war to heal. The casualties live on for many decades later.

And that is why, in my own personal opinion, it is so terrible what Biden and his henchmen and Brown Shirts are doing TO Ukraine and its people. How  cruel can this Biden be - to destroy the only significant source of energy for Germany and much of Europe. It means great suffering for all of people; young and old, the children and old people too. Especially the children of Germany and the old people who are poor.

What did THEY do to deserve this treatment? Where is this Biden, where is his humanity? Does he have no feeling for the geat harm he is doing to the innocent of those who were supposed to be friends of the United States?

And these self-serving TYRANTS are USING UKRAINE and this guy – Zelensky for ulterior motive. "Used" as these ghouls (ghouls = One who delights in the revolting, morbid, or loathsome.

But really it refers to a person who gives you the feeling, and belief that he is out to help you, he is working for your advantage, to bring the good things to life - for Presudebt Zelensky and the people of Ukraine.

In reality, these people, Biden and his cohorts in this case, wear fancy and expensive suits and nice cloths and always speak to you in ways to quiet down your fears.

But in the end, when you are in most need of their help – they will RUN RUN RUN AWAY from you after they have gotten out of you all they can. Just look at their history.

What they have done to others – THEY WILL DO UNTO YOU!  When it is to THEIR advantage.

That is what the idiom "to use" means in the above context.

Why do they do it to others, why do they bring to others this misery and grief and tragedy?

Because they are in classical Freudian terms – PSYCHOPATHS of the highest excellence of what it means to be a psychopath.

Ted Bundy is a perfect example of this type of person. Only his victims were young attractive woman - not young German and European children and old people. 

But, well, right now it is Ukraine people, Mother Ukraine. Young and old people of Ukraine and Russia; and young men dying in battle and leaving their chidlren without a father in their life - in Ukraine and Russia too.

And also in the latter stages of victimization is Syria, is Iraq, was the Late Lybia, the Late Afghanistan, the Late Vietnam, etc. etc. to the Nth power.

Remember, these are my opinions and may not be based on facts because the facts are probably fully classified. So take it for what it is I write, a late night soliloquy. And what do I think is the MOTIVE BEHIND THIS ATROCITY? Caused by Biden and his henchmen?.

It's Raytheon first! and then some left overs for public schools, and for the homeless Vietnam vets of another era; for the millions of other homeless who are living on the streets - not of just the streets of Loredo, Texas, and all over California the Sunshine state and all over the Republic of the United States of America - that Raytheon and its like-kind species - must come first.- Oh, soliloquy of the late night hours?

Soliloquy: The act of speaking to oneself. Which many have told me is the first cardinal sign of my emerging Dementia Praecox. Here's WIKI ... Dementia praecox is a disused psychiatric diagnosis that originally designated a chronic, deteriorating psychotic disorder characterized by rapid cognitive disintegration, usually beginning in the late teens or early adulthood.

Is that me? or is that Biden and Company? Or is it true that Raytheon and its like kind species - really do control the affairs of this nation, once upon a time known as The Republic of these United States of Ameria. Now I think this is gone, Gone with the Wind. A result of Climate Change I am sure.

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What is the Biden and his gang's modus operandi - how a good cop comes to know who is the criminal(s) by his (their) repeat behavior patters, their mode of operating which repeats with each robbery, or murder of a small and innocent country such as Vietnam or now Ukraine (big geography but very small economy; but! its diamonds are in the safe?  And what are these diamonds that Ukraine holds?  Their STRATEGIC LOCATION to the object of Biden and the other like-mided scoundrels? The Russian Federation - and the Bidenscoundrelites' Impossible Dream and Quest to grab the Russia land and the resources while there seem yet to be time to pull off the caper.

And this pattern has been repeating over and over again since shortly after World War II when the USA ruled the roost over all other contenders in the world.

In their minds (now get this in yours)

IT IS FOR OTHERS TO PAY THE CONSEQUENCES, PAY THE PRICE for the misery they bring to the innocent.

Their, that is - for these psychopath's it is for their victims -to pay the price. Germany and Europe are now paying dearly the price. And just what did they do to deserve this treatment? Where they not friends, allies, of Biden and his ilk?

It is Not the pertetrators who are to pay. That is ALWAYS the case with this type of "personality disorder." Rubish with trying to make it sound like a "sickness" that might be amendable to treatment. These psychopaths are the Children of the Devil, chidren of Satan himself.

These psychopaths, such as, IN MY PERSONAL OPINION – AND THAT IS ALL IT IS - that is what they are - for the definition of the psychopath includes in major emphasis - THE TOTAL LACK OF A CONSCIENCE. Or, as Dr. Freud would say, the Super-Ego never developed in these types of people. So, I suppose it is not their fault - what they really are - as they didn't bring the condition on themselves.  They were sort of BORN being that way.

They, such as the Bidenites, know academically right from wrong. But it is just that – ACADEMIC. They don't FEEL anything for you. They don't feel anything for the suffering of the Ukrainian people - suffering that the Bidenites brought to them.  They don't feel for the suffering in the extreme cold inflicted on the children and old people of Germany that they, the Bidenites caused by their deliberate actions of terror upon Germany.

They, they Bidenites, that TYPE of person, they have NO EMPATHY for their victims. And Ukraine is their biggest PLUMB to pick at the present time. But they have "skinned" Germany real good, haven't they. Biden has taught the Germans real good - whose is real boss, Big Daddy. 

I have NEVER yet heard Biden express ANY sympathy for all the KILLING he has brought to BOTH Ukraine and Russia. In other words, he is INCAPABLE of putting himself into the shoes of the Ukrainian people. That is why, with ZERO EMPATHY you never sense or hear any HUMAN feeling from him or his bunch of fellow traveling psychopaths.

All you ever hear is "canned political-speak."

After Ukraine has been thoroughly destroyed – because Russia legitimately sees allowing the NATO Piglets on their very borders as Biden and the NATO Gangsters are pushing to do – and then next will come the missiles, etc. then Biden will attempt a "preventive surgical strike" at Russia, another Operation Barbarossa.

But to clench the deal, to be able to fully crush the Russian Federation and then grab all its resources (Just as Biden's ideal predecessor and historical mentor, a guy called Adolf Hitler tried to do, and as many others have tried such as the Wizkid Napoleon), first his gang will try to take out Red China by capturing Taiwan under the pretext of "liberating Taiwan's people and to bring to them DEMOCRACY (Iraq version I assure you).

These delusional conspirators will then try to put some "feet on the ground" and then put the missile stuff in Taiwan. Then they will, for all intense and purposes – have China "checkmated."

Because China's entire Pacific facing seaboard comprises its most essential industrial and military centers. This entire coast line is most vulnerable. When Biden and possibly his NATO Piglets knock-out China – then they have a good shot at coming up on Russia along the China-Russia very long border - over thousand miles.

They all pray to their Devil, the Great Satan, whom (gots to use good English you know) they worship as their role model – that with this two-front strategy – they can finish off Russia. Of-course they know N. Korea will come in to the action strong. But they figure they can NUKE and PUKE on North Korea and what does it matter to psychopaths if North Korea vaporizes a few tens of millions of American citizens along the pacific seaboard.

Actually, I'm not sure anyone East of the Rocky's would give a damn themselves anyway. A nuke here and a nuke there - will for sure clean up a lot of excrement. Excrement, excrement every where, and all the lands did stink. Excrement, excrement nor any turd to eat.

It all smells fishy to me.  Perhaps a better plan, perhaps a course correction, is to move the rudder of our great Ship of State in a new direction with a new purpose and a new national policy. Why not move toward the direction to make friends with the Russian people, and the Chinese people. The world is big enough for all to prosper step by step. Invest in other people. People are you most valuable asset. Do not throw them away. Make an investment in their POTENTIAL abilities - and facilitate the path to its realization. Then we will all prosper. Invest in people, both here an the many smaller and poor nations of the world and we will all receive a truly great return on our investments. That is what the people of China, now a very prosperous nation, are achieving through their Belt and Road Initiative. Make it a win-win for all of us by becoming FRIENDS with those we have treated as enemies. It is better to smell the roses than the alternative which is death.

The other thing that's got these Satan worshipers in a tizzy is that China has switch its navy from floating Junks to top of the line HIGH TECH war ships and Nuke Subs and troop carriers. The last thing the Pentagon wants is a very strong China NAVY. Why?

Well try the history of the WW-2 Pacific Theatre and Japan's long preparation and long term aims. Because China already has large numbers of troop carry ships and landing craft, etc., (being about now fully mobilized for a navy war) that becomes a war to the finish – they fear if China can capture Midway – then Hawaii is a goner and then the West Coast becomes the major target for China's multi-million-man army to land. And the Chinese DO NOT FEAR DEATH.

Then you get a land war on the home front that will make the Civil War look like a video game in comparison to what will actually happen. That is what the Japanese plan was and why they took the big gamble (which they lost and luck did play a part in favor or US, or perhaps the Hand of Providence – but so did unexcelled American navy leadership of that era) at Midway.

Back then the Navy had Chester Nimitz as commander of the Pacific fleet, and leaders such as Frank Fletcher, Spruance and even true navy war admirals such as Adm. McCain, John's daddy.

And not given much credit – since American History is played down along with displays of genuine patriotism – in favor of the New Woke-ism and I'm not talking about Wake Island either - was Chief of Navy Operations - Adm. Ernst King, a truly brilliant but rather crusty leader at the very top of the Chain of Navy command.

You know, no one today seems to be proud of what the U.S.A. was just 60 years ago. Instead the Main Stream Media and types such as CNN and MSNBC seem to be doing everything they can to set up this country to become The Fall Guy - in a military war with China, Russia or Aliens from Altair - anything to get people scared so the MSM can sell more soap, and con-games to the American People.

This country is constantly being made the bad guy, evil in every way including its past history. It's all bull-shit but that's what happening.  A masochistic society bent on its own destruction. That's my opinion.

So, in my opinion, knowing nothing about military stuff – but very proud of what was The Republic of the United States of America used to be, as in the Eisenhower and before era – I'd hate to see it all go down the tubes because the Great Satan now leads the country along with his Piglet little devils in the House and Senate and scrambling and squealing all over the government institutions and crapping on everything that used to be considered Sacred to this nation, once upon a time - a Nation Under God.

I think that if the curtain is pulled away – what is actually going on is that military heads are reliving what COULD have happen had Japan not lost Midway, and had NOT focused on Battle Ships instead of Carriers, and a few other slip-ups – we well could have had a land-war and one fought for keeps.

The Great Satan and his devil-piglets see China and Russia as an alliance – a military alliance – now super strong – who themselves (China and Russia) see the United States as the major military threat. Like, why keep PUSHING NATO (which is really USA, not the NATO piglets - up to Russia and China borders?

The Piglets of the EU and U.S.A favorite puppy, Britain the Has Been Empire but Nothing Now but fish and chips but no electricity to cook them - whose always following its master, USA. In the global strategy leading up to global war the EU and that whole bunch along with Mighty Estonia, really don't count for nothing in the total scheme of things. They are all hot air. Well, so much for going off on a tangent, back on topic. (2023-Jan-11, Revised)


(2023-Jan-27) As the years come and go, and we get older each day - if we re-read what we have written when we were a child, and then if we re-read perhaps what we wrote when in school, say high school or college, and if we re-read what we have written at the various stages of our life - we often see how much our thinking changes. And sometimes what we may have written, say in our 30-ties or 40-ties, etc., might seem today to be bizarre. And they might indeed be so - as read today. And perhaps even when they were written they might have then seem bizarre to others.

It is perhaps a vulnerablilty we put ourself into when we put our expressions to the pen. If we have a talent for painting pictures - that then is sort of a safe way for a person to express himself. But again - even doing paintings poses a risk. The risk ofcourse is that you open yourself up to criticism. People may not like what you have to say - that may not like your opinions on this or that. Even Emily Dickinson had her share of finger-pointers. If you have read some of her poetry you would not think that could be. 


I find Adolf Hitlers paintings and sketches quite good, in fact I think some of them are really nice. His sketches and paintings are similar in many ways to the works of Utrillo. Go google or duckduckgo Utrillo,



Then checkout Hitler's art work.





I find Utrillo's work nice. But nothing mystical. I find Hitler's landscapes beautiful in a mystical sense. Almost enchanting. I think for sure that a British Gainsboro or Turner is clearly magnificant art. In fact, in 100 years from now, history may well say that Britain's finest hour was proably the time of Gainsboro, Turner, Shakespeare, etc., but that for the 20th and early 21 century it lost its grandure and turned to mush. 


If you want to psychoanalize me through my art (I hope never through what I write as it is not only grammatically incorrect - but I never know whether I am serious or not - perhaps now emerging dementia, perhaps in my childhood - emotionally unstable in a sort of way.

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My favorite master of the landscape artist has to be Meindert Hobbema, (1638 - 1709). The original is in the London National Gallery. I think that alone is sufficient reason for Vladimir Vladimirovich to NOT Nuke London (as Col Douglas Macgreggor has alluded to that this might well happen if Biden/NATO push too far). Aim Satan II at Liverwust if you must. Cook them in Satan II's giant microwave - but leave London alone.

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A few days after 9/11 I took the train to Manhattan to visit my mother in the Village. I went that route so to visit Chicago art museum which was displaying Hobemma's masterpiece, Avenue of the Trees. (Unless it was a copy which I cannot think it so.) I don't know if it would be now safe to visit Chicago. But if it is I can tell you from my own visits that this museum is definately one of the worlds greatest art museums (if you are into art and stuff).

No. 1 ofcourse is NYC Manhattan's Metropolitan Musium of Art on 5th Avenue. One word for it: Astonishing. If there is another word, a better adjetive perhaps - it was for me to see sublime beauty everywhere in that huge place. Breathtaking. I lived close to it, actually. And often times I would divert from going to school at PS-6 and go instead to the Metropolitan. Maybe that is cause for why my grammar aint so good. I would go often. But back then, 1956-1958 it was free. On the internet now it is a $62. smack in the wallet for each adult. And that includes the midgets. No exception.


But if you do make it to NYC and are wearing a good hazmat suite, I'd mosey on down to the Frick Museum. It's an easy ride on the bus, providing someone is riding shotgun with a 12 gauage conviner. I'd put the Frick right after Chicago, but rubbing real close to Chicago. Frick isn't an all day and then some more tomorrow experience as with the Metropolitian or Chicago. But in the good hour or two of your visit - it will be one you will never forget. If you love art.

Guggenheim Museum is OK if you like "modern art." I can take a little of it in small doses. I don't consider Piccaso modern art. He and his brush stand alone - in uniqueness. I mean, exactly where do you place him? Part impresionist, post impressionist? I know all those guys and I just don't see him with even a touch of Monet pigment in him, not a bit.

The Guggenheim's architect was of course, Frank Lloyd Wright. When I think of Frank Lloyd I think of Hitler. No joke. Because Hitler aspired to be a great architect but would have made a better architect designing government buildings which you find all over Washington DC and indeed most of them need a good washing as the polution in DC is really bad. Mostly coming from the halls of congress and the White Man's house over on Pennsylvannia avenue. 

The Guggenheim is very close to where I lived when I was 12, 12 E. 97st, between Madison and 5th. Many a time while it was being built, in the late evening I would crawl in through the "sidewalk inspector's enterance" to see how the thing was being built. If you like flying saucers - you will like the Guggenheim. You will have to go visit it to see what I mean.  Just take the 5th ave buss up toward Harlem from the Metropolitan.

Oh, and if you go up far enough in that direction - but over on the West side - taking the subway until it can go no further - there is an utterly fantastic museum funded I was told by Radja - by Rockerfeller. I just can't remember the name and have not time to research it. But it too is worth a visit and plan a long day and if you have kids take them too to this museum. The ancient tapestries are a wonder to behold.  And they will like the Knights in their fine armour. 

Then after that visit, take a U-turn and head on back in the direction of the Village or Bowery, which ever place you feel you belong in, and go to the worlds greatest Museum of Natural History. Not too many kids are going to get turned on looking at a Titian, Rembrant or El Greco stuff in the Art Museum (the Egyptian section being perhaps the exception. Get a tase of a real mummy.)

But while your at the Amercian Museum of Natural History be sure to take them to see the giant dinasours, first see Mr. Tyannosaurus Rex, strong and tough like men should be; not particularly a cuddly creature. Then meander over and take a glance at Mrs. Brontosaurus. Mr. and Mrs. Dino are all bones right now. Comes from eating Klaus Swabb's insects and rodents instead of good nurishing horses, dogs and cats as dinasours were designed to eat. Klaus Swabb, an advocate of sour kraut for dinner, is the product of German Engineering - he figures he can design a takeover of the whole world and build it back better in his own image. Others have tried the past. One of them today, though an aging dingbat is still trying. Klaus will take it up in the rear - figuring he can hide out there until the NATO warriors finish of the Russians - what no man, or woman, or neutered warrior has done before.

Oh, and ask your kid to count the number of vertebre in the dinasour's neck. Then go around the huge rooms and have him/her/it/whatever to count the number of vertebre in every reptile (if you want to call them names) in the room. Then having done your homework and found out the number of vertebre in a giraf neck, your family pet's neck, the King of the Jungle, the Male lion - and the lioness, a female lion designed by the creator to suckle little lions and to stay pregnant and produce even more little lions (that is - the harmonics of Mr. and Mrs. Lion), And the number is (single digit between 6 and 8, for you boys and girls stuck in the LA public school system).

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Well, back on topic. Visiting the American Museum of Natural History really is a three day experience. And you will enjoy it even more if you bring along a wife or companion. And if you have some harmonics - bring them along too and then you MUST visit the Hayden Planetarium. It was really good when I often visited it e when 12 years old and living in Manhattan. But in 2003 when I last visited my mother in NY - I again visited all these geat places. And The Hayden had been upgraded so good that I became depressed when I had to leave. And do see the huge black asteroid, still there, too heavy and big to be stolen. Very few of them in the world that size.

Oh, and all these museums except the Frick Art Museum have been very thoughtful of its guest. Each museum is fitted with a special isolation room, sound proofed, automatic deodorizing systems and lots of padding. And even some "straight-jackets, though curiously they are quite small. And when I asked one of the guards what these rooms were for - he looked bewildered. I pressed the point. I wanted to know - what is going on in New York City. Then he said, bowing his head ever so slightly as in some form of prayer, "They'is for our pay'n customer's screeming children. But I don't cotten none to that one bit. Don't think it right. no sir."  I replied, "Amen brother, vulture capitalism has come to New York City government. Anything to make the profits grown and not lose paying customers. Gots to keep em happy you know."

That's it. I could tell you much more. But I've got to go before the CIA takes me away.



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new 2022-11-18



This is the first posting of approx. seventy five lectrure summary series.  These were the lecture summaries handed out to the new doctors who were now focusing on child psychiatry board certification.  These were delivered at the local university school of medicine in the 1967 - 1970 period. The first ones I am posting are those focusing on education of troubled children and teens. There are about 75+ pages of lectures, some basic stuff, some that get somewhat complicated. It is going to take a while to get all this done because there are other things that interest me more.

Dr. James R. Harte, MD Class Study Notes on Biological Variations in Development, et.al., now have found all his class notes he  sent to me.

Dr. James R. Harte and the FEEDBACK BOARD for education of children in remote regions. Have found both the board, templates, etc. Will photo and put into webpage with history.

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2022-11-15 So far 76 lecture note summaries of approx. 4-5 pages each.

One paper by Dr. Harte was partially eaten by the rats.  I don't mean those type of rats that are scurrying about in the sacred halls of congress and white house, infecting the country with a new flea driven plague.

The paper is How Do You Work with a Learning Disabled Child, by J.R. Harte, M.D.  This paper, the first two pages, is in the nature of lecture summaries which were handed out to the young medical doctors pursing a career is child psychiatry.  All of these papers are just that – detailed and descriptive summaries of Dr. Harte's lectures to the student.  This was some 50+ years ago. 

Much new discovery and learning has taken place in this medical field of child psychiatry and also how we approach and treat the child with severe learning disabilities.  And yet, I would say, each of the handouts does provide an excellent summary source of material for a student's thesis.  Because the basic foundation has not changed that much.

One thing I think that has changed and changed for the better in these 50+ years - I think - is that Freud and his theories which were all essentially based on his constructs does not take such a prominent role today as it did back then.   Some of these lecture summaries and the bibliographies are heavy into Freud.

Of the many in these long lists of references – I still have the book and although classical Freudian – it is very well written and was one of Ruth Downing's books during her time of study to become a psychiatric social worker, and who also underwent the years it takes in terms of a personal analysis.  I underwent this analysis process over several years – it was in vogue even 50 years ago.  But the only good I got out of it was that I learned how NOT to censor my thoughts. 

Thus, this greatly aided me in my freshman college year in writing the various papers that were demanded of us.  The book which is listed in Dr. Harte's bibliography on "Neuroses of Children" is (11) Fenichel, C., The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis. by W.W. Norton, Inc. New York, NY, 1945.  Other than that – I do believe that the modern approach to psychotherapy which includes counseling by for instance Church pastors who have been adequately trained in this field – behavioral therapy.  I think with out continuous feedback from the therapist – much time is wasted which is detrimental to the patient in the long run. 

Some other lecture summaries that I find interesting:


DEFINITION AND CONCEPTS OF SETS, ELEMENTS, OPERATIONS, GROUPS, PERMUTATIONS AND LOGICAL OPERATIONS  - Beats me why this is something a medical doctors needs.  I had to take this set theory stuff in my freshman year.  It all went in my left ear and out of my right ear. 

THREE TYPES OF EQUILIBRIUM  "Piaget suggests that three different types of equilibrium have relevance of psychological functioning." 3pgs Some algebra and intro to doing a probability calculation. Some of it is very interesting. 

In particular – a long time ago I read a chapter in a book regarding the Soviet Union and three types of stability systems.  It illustrated this with three simple models. The model that illustrated the then Soviet Union clearly showed that it was the MOST unstable.  U.S. model was more or less stable. 

What is telling for me is that TODAY the U.S. according to those models is the MOST unstable and most likely to capsize as did USSR.  Fortunately, I will have the picture of those models in my mind so even if I cannot find the original book – one can just look at the three diagrams and pretty much figure out for themselves the conclusion.

PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY – DEVELOPMENTAL LANDMARK - Really nice summary and descriptions going month by month and then year to 8 yo.  This stuff I think is now pretty much in all child development text books, etc.

SOME CURRENT THOUGHTS ON THE LEARNING DISABLED ADOLESCENT FROM A PROFESSIONAL … WHAT SHOULD BE DONE  by Alice Thompson, Visiting Professor of Special Education, Special Education Department, Southern Illinois University.

This is indeed my very favorite of all the class lecture summaries, close to 100.  It is two pages of 10pt closely spaced text.  Dr. Alice Thompson's insights are SPOT ON.  I know because I lived myself though what she is saying.

Dr. Harte sent these to me following each presentation and handout to his medical students.  And his offer to send them to me is in one of his letters that I have already posted.  In another letter he also said that I was free to use them and share them as I saw fit.  Therefore, as far as I am concerned, they belong to the COMMONS. This includes the FEEDBACK BOARD of which I have a full model and templates which I know could be used so well in continents such as in AFRICA and the America's south of the Rio-Grande where everything is not always based on maximizing profit for a few. 

I have finally gotten the unpublished lecture notes of Dr. Margaret Mahler organized. These are given at Mt. Morris in spring 1941 to a group of psychiatric social workers in Manhattan. Ruth knew her from those years.  They are around 100 pgs total, types single space as was the way they did it with primitive typewriter. 

Margaret Mahler

Margaret Schönberger Mahler was an Austrian-American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and pediatrician. She did pioneering work in the field of infant and young child research. On the basis of empirical studies, she developed a development model that became particularly influential in psychoanalysis and Object relations theory. Mahler developed the separation–individuation theory of child development. Wikipedia

May 10, 1897, Sopron, Austria-Hungary
October 2, 1985, New York City, U.S.





QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF STUDIES ON ALCOHOL Vol. 17, No. 1 pp. 96-107, March 1956. Dr. Giorgio Lolli, M.D. Research. Very heavy on Freudian reasons for alcoholism. Doesn't ring true today. AA does and is probably the best approach. Oh, I have not had a taste for vodka every since Nash left my life.

Editorial office: Laboratory of Applied Physiology, Yale University

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Ruth S. Downing, ASCW

>Dr. Giorgio Lolli, M.D. Research Paper from - papers to be posted soon.

Dr. Jane Sherfey, M.D. Prominant Manhattan psychiatrist.  Payne Whitney Research and associate of Dr. Kinsey and wife and his report on American Sexuality. About as useful as a dish of Freud. Janey also published a book on female sexuality and was reviewed in New York Times book review. Google her. There is lots of stuff. If you think she might know that subject - you ought to read the book. It is not very big book. I lived with her about three years. Perhaps that is why I am called an Odd Ball.

Eleanor Roosevelt - at Harlem Negro Neighborhood Assn. 1959  Ruth published artical in ASSW magazine and also the raw draft which is better than the published version. Mrs. Roosevelt gave the graduation speech and this is detailed in other material here along with photos of her and Ruth Downing and some of the Harlem students. Even with Mrs. Roosevelts involvement - the conclusions of the 18 month study regarding intelligence IQ, etc. of negro students with emotional and educational problems - well it went nowhere. I comments on that in some articles in this website.

Harlem Neighborhood Association, 1959

The Story of Radja (Raca) & Identity papers issued by Australia, by Steve Colman More to come.

2022011-27 new material and photographs added.

Photos from  Funk Kaserne  Prince of Georgia, various Orthodox Arch Bishops, etc.

What follows next is the true story of a young Hungarian engineering student, Kálmán István, a Jew, who survived the German invasion of his country when he was a young teenager.

In detail is his story of what happened to Hungarian Jews - BECAUSE they were Jews. And BECAUSE they were Jews - the German political machine and its party, the NAZI party - they were classified as Untermensch. That is to say, they were - Sub-human - less than human.


link to Kalman Istav 182 pg pdf book is now corrected & verified.  Work will continue this eveing .


2022-11-10 notes on index page regarding Steve Colman 182 story
What follows next is the true story of a young Hungarian engineering student, Kálmán István, a Jew, who survived the German invasion of his country when he was a young teenager. In detail is his story of what happened to Hungarian Jews - BECAUSE they were Jews. And BECAUSE they were Jews - the German political machine and its party, the NAZI party - they were classified as Untermensch. That is to say, they were - Sub-human - less than human.

This belief system, for that is what it was - is an outgrowth (the "is" because the belief is still very much prevalent in the world today, yes 21st century world. This distorted belief system was and is still an expression of the Eugenics movement - which emerged as a more structured belief system during the middle and late 19th century - and then went into overdrive in early 20th century Germany (where it gained the most strength in Europe) and also in the United States.

In Kálmán István long story there is also toward the end my mothers situation in Berlin and her necessity out of survival of her young son, Dankar, she had to work for the German Foreign Ministry and Ribbentrop (check spelling) who also facilitated her efforts to save her brother's life from scheduled execution in the concentration camp near Belgrade, Serbia - by going directly to Himmler (check sp) who then provided his personal plane for her to travel to Belgrade and back. Both from what Kalman told me and wrote in his long story and which Radja confirmed a number of times in my visits to her in the small apartment in the Village - but also would only refer to him as being, "a person very high up in government." Her last letter to me used that same phrase.

One other strange thing I remembered after reading that letter - she was telling me one time (I was always asking her questions since I really like history) "How did you get out of Berlin in time?" She said, "I sent Vera (her youngest sister) and Chuck (American name of my half brother Dankmar, 5 yrs older than me) to go to Munich by train." I asked her, "Radja, why didn't you go too?" She finally said, on my last visit - "I had to stay until the Russian's got there (Berlin)." I mentioned that to S in a letter in very early part of 2022. I still have it. I have often wondered why she had me baptised in the Russian Orthodox Church in Munich in 1947, a year after my birth. (photocopy of that certificate, in Russian, is in on this website.) Who knows. That may have been the only Orthodox church in Munich at that time.  But I do know that one of her really happy moments was when she visited Russia, Moscow, Leningrad, etc., and took many picures and was there a week or so at the very same time as the immediate aftermath of Chernoble. She loved Russia and its literature and sent me some very beautiful hand painted dishes from Moscow which I still have. Perhpas it is all coincidence.  perhaps not. Whatever, it all seems to have been for the better.

- continues on link above -

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The story of Steven Anthony Colman {182 pgs, pdf) formerly Kálmán István

This story is absolutely amazing.  Steve Colman (Kálmán István) was a Hungarian jew.

My Life in Australia  added material

My Diplomas in Karate and Engineering and What's it all about (very rough draft, developed in haste)

(2022-12-13, Tuesday Morning, newest entry, extensive) + commentary on life in general

(2022-12-13) Tuesday, more on karate and also uninvited commentary on the "vaccine coming disaster"

<Karate, an Art and a Method of Self-Defense  (2022-12-12) Added an article I wrote for the Chattanoogan Magazine in Aug. 1975 concerning karate in Chattanooga and also my teaching of it in the American legion, Post 14 and my philosophy that the Martial Arts are both a way to develop discipline and character in addition to self-defense and that many other sports provide such a feature, a by-product of the sport itself.

Dialoging from the  internet chat rooms  over the several years - copied text

A Letter to Ruth the day I quit school (16)

Dream on they lovely child    

2022-Dec-30, image corrected to display

Death crept in the other day and took my child from me

My House

For a Glimering Moment

The Harvest Field of Life

Who Shall Blame the Blessed Child for What He Has Become

To My Grave I Walked One Night

The Midnight Moon. And some memories of Australia and Funk Kaserne  near Munich Earliest prose of mine, about 10 or 11

Letter to Chad Arment on Economic Prejudice and its Effects on Minorities in All Nations  Much more to come. Collecting takes time.

Intelligence & What I Observed at Cardiologist Offic

Add the story of Benny Green and the gettos of Memphis


above  for reference purposes only  tempory only


Developing Support Arguments for issues raised in ''Letter to Chad Arment''

We are in the gyre !  We will reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7)

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New material on K and Cambodia story.  Several hundred additional pages found, including my transcripts of K story and about 50 to 70 pages of K written notes. It is a very sad story of what happened to these two young college girls. 



To consider or evaluate something, such as a statement, while


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I will be moving all of the Cambodian stuf

most of what follows here is more or less extemporaneous rantings.

2022-12-07, Wednesday. I think it would be very accurate to say that the beginning of the attached summary of the book, Murder of a Gentle Land - "What transpired in Cambodia constitutes one the the great, terrifying stories of our time" the part that says, "... in Cambodia ..." could justifyable be replaced by: ... in the Soviet Union, in Poland and the Warsaw Getto, ... in specifically Ukraine ... and if you will just attempt to study what happened in China with the occupation by the Imperial Army of Japan ... all that happened to Cambodia can be magnified easly by 10 times and you may approach a better understanding of what happened in the other countries during world war II. Then it was NOT Pol Pot - but Adolf Hitler and his band of merry murderers.

If you study history and really study in depth what is happening in Europe as regards to this Ukranian war and most likely soon to be war with China, you are drawn to the conclusion (in my opinion) that the initiators of the conflicts is primarily by, first among equals - The (Rebulic of - sorry, no more) United States; then Britain, the English - and I sall say it, once again that it is the English, the Brits, their political class - that is fermenting war and more wars - for their OWN political ends. And in the case of Britain and also the U.S. for them > the ends justify the means. Regardless of the loss of life and suffering they cause. For these two collaborators - it is for others to pay the consequences for their (U.S. and Britain) actions. That is a classic sign and cardinal symptom of the PSYCHOPATIC PERSONALITY. The other cardinal sign of these types of regressive humans is HABITUAL LYING even when telling the truth is to their own advantage. For these derranged individuals (and they now over-populate the halls of the U.S congress, and it's show white White House inhabitants. And too, the British House of Commons, also over-populated with their own brand of military police (MPs) - once known as Gestapoites.

Key actors:

Anthony Blinken - the Omlet Man. Who seems to me to be filled with rationlizations and a perpetual habit of dissembling.  It is not so much that he is an out-right liar - but rather, deep inside he feels himself incomplete as a man - and thus he is constantly at war with both himself and has created imaginary enemies such as the Russian and Chinese people. 

Generalissimo Herr Prof. Doktor Jens Stoltenberg, Lord Secretary of the Kennel Club of NATO who never met a Russian that he didn't want to beat up - but was always afraid to try. 

Joseph Biden, Commander in Chief of the Corn Flake Society of America. Home residence, Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan. Ref 0, Joseph Biden, U.S. Patent no. 558,393, Flaked Cereals and Process of Preparing Same, filed May 31, 1895, issued April 14, 1896.

President Zelenko, Chief Commandant of what is left of Ukraine.  Main attribute? Confused and disoriented as a duck who has been banged in the head.

Now begins  the story of K and her escape from Cambodia.  I finally found much of the raw material needed to put together her story, what happened to her in the aftermath of what happened after the Nixon-Kissinger and their gang destroyed the government of Cambodia and drive its leader, Prince Norodom Sihanouk into exile and put into power Marshal Lon Nol.

repeatedly as defence minister and provincial governor. As a nationalist and conservative, he led the military coup of 1970 against Prince Norodom Sihanouk, abolished the monarchy, and established the short-lived Khmer Republic. 


That is being politicall polite [what wikipedia is saying above.  Remember, it is not the organization called Wikipedia.org that is saying this - but rather it is that Wikipedia.org provides the platform for others to express their opinions with out the censorship you get from google-grad and unfortunately, youtube.com {a really super great contribution to the education of Americans, young and old and this goes for the world at large too.]}


Prince Norodom Sihanouk wanted to keep Cambodia NEUTRAL, NON-ALIGNED. But that was unacceptable to Nixon and his side-kick, Henry The Large Kissinger.  Later we will give more supporting history. When Norodom Sihanouk would not obey, would not bend the knee and lick Nixon-Kissinger feet - then when Sihanouk was visiting in China hoping to get some aid - the B52's came and brought a reign of terror on the land of the gentle people, known as the Cambodians. It didn't matter that congress, for what it was worth then and for what it is worth today (nothing) had made it illegal to attack Cambodia. Nixon  was the Imperial President and would no whatever he wanted.  Same is true today.  Biden's handlers are leading this country to its destruction.  And the Treponema Pallidum   [a LindSeed Gramnegative bacterium that comes from the phallus] eggs on the American people - infecting them with their own disease of hate and exploitation of the weak and those unable to defend themselves.  Such as Venezuela - where  the Biden bunch think they have some ordained  right to decide who that countrie's chief leader shall be.  But ask yourself this:  What are they, the Biden bunch and their spirochaetale bretheren  in the congress [and they too are Lindseedgramnegative bacteria of the ricochet romance type who have fun today and pay the cost tomorrow] Venezuela has the highest reserve of "prime oil".  What else do you need to know?  When the Bush desert rats destroyed Iraq to save it for democracy - what did they grab when they headed for the exit doors?  The oil fields.  And the army is still there - NOT to protect the iraqi people's freedom BUT they protect and surround those very oil fields. 

And just as Cambodia was destroyed for not "going along with Nixon" so too do the British and U.S. (actual masters of NATO and all of its piglets and swine) threaten Serbia with the same message - "You do as the U.S. tells you - or you will be NEXT!"

(2022-12-05, Monday. About 250 pages of

K story from tapes which I transcribed in 1980 now recovered in additon to much handwritten material. 

Go to link  But remember, it took the brave American military about three weeks to uterly destroy the Land of the Gentle People.  It is going to take much longer to get all the typed material converted to text using OCR where it can be read by those with a brave heart. 

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The Story of K - Escape from Cambodia - Life in the Republic of the United States, Land of Opportunity and Forgiveness

Real Life Experience resulting from the catastrophy of the Pol Pot regime which resulted from the U.S. invasion of Cambodia and the U.S. destruction of the government of Cambodia and its society.

2022-11-28 move letter to story of k own page, add link to that.



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Continue to Escape from Cambodia (Khmer) 1979) scan and post my typed up of the experience as told by K who survived and came to USA and went on to get her BSEE at Georgia Tech but did not become a rambling wreck as she  had already experienced the realities of life that few ever know. But she did become on hell of an engineer as she went on to work for one of American's largest electronic companies - as did her husband, who also survived Cambodia and became U.S. Citizen and got his BSEE from good university.

Parts 1 thru 4, Diary of a Young Cambodia Refugee and Her Escape from Pol Pot,s Hell on Earth

Much true to life material.  Ruth took K and C into her home - into her home for over year and K demonstrated to me her advanced knowledge of EE by example of solving some problems in one of my circuit analysis textr books from the U.T. years.  She could barely speak English (French of course and best I remember - we one time connected with Radja for me to understand what she was wanting.

She wanted to go back to engineering school though she knew she would have to start over.  She had almost completed her studies when Pol Pot came into the picture. Most of the educated like her were killed.  But she was very perseptive with great presence of mind, like Radja, and survived. She had seen much death and slaughter.  But when she got to America what did she want to do?  Begin again, not give up but go for the goal and get her degree in engineering.  And she did.

Update.  I have retrieved approx 100 - 150 pages of K's story which I transribed from the cassette tapes. And I have all of her hand written testimony now! All pagss are typed using old dot matrix printer.  And they have my notes, etc.  Unfortunately this work was in 1980 when the primitive but back then high tech - computers used when they evolved upward according to Darwin evoution laws - to imploying floppy disks. 

These things are similar to what your politicians in the congress  (with a few exceptions) and ALL in the White mans house, FLOPPY BRAINS who can't think how to get out of the sh!t hole they have dug for themseves and this country.  The keep digging the hole deeper - and the money class - their big donors who actually run this country - keep of pouring their excrement into that deep and deeper hole.  If you have ever wondered why, it IS - why most - but NOT ALL - politicians SMELL SO BAD, well now you know.

The old floppy disks use a different format system than that used today. With the typewriter documents I can covert them to text form and then copy and paste into MS Word  which I might find time to do.  It is easy to do this once you have learned how to do it.

Rev 1, 2022-12-19 Monday






How the 17th Amendment to the Constitution

Is Destroying The Republic of The United States of America

Republic of America book, 1847   26 pages now posted

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Go to the Animal Farm [images all made. will start posting either the pdf's or jpgs]

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(Veterinary book published in 1844 and consisting of 250 pages dealing with treatment of diseases in cattle, sheep and swine (pig family). Also, includes 8 pages of advertisements from that period in our history. Complete with index and table of continets. It is amazing to me just how much people knew in those days, almost 200 years now.  I will get the portins dealing with brain and liver inflamation uploaded soon.  As the American society crashes and falls apart - the question will arise "How can we treat our illnesses when doing to the hosptial will bankrupt us. Or even going to a clinic (since private practice is almost gone for doctors due to the lawyer's feasting on malpractice suites an almost daily event in the life of doctors now

Do you think this is delusional thinking? Go to the Medicare/Medicade/SSI government website and look at the flow of money going OUT of the government Medicare deposit box. Then look at how much money CAME IN. Two TRILLION (ROUNDED) went OUT. 400 billion came in - in the form of permiums. The growth of Medicare is now on a full epxponential power function. What that means is that next year, 2023 when Government financial (fincal) year ends Sept 30, 2023, money out of Medicare will be approximately 3 to 3-1/2 TRILLION WORTHLESS DOLLARS. Money coming into the fund will essentially be a CONSTANT. It will be roughly 400 BILLION of worthless pieces of paper. This is what these WORTHLESS POLITICIANS and the FEDERAL RESERVE has brought to the American people. The American people sleep while their houses start falling apart as is happening now with the society overall.






2023-JAN-04 I have about finished all I am going to do with the Nash affair. I am going to fill in the rest of the blanks but just give the facts and forget about any idea of putting it all into logical book for as there are other things I woud rather be doing. Mainly what is left is finishing up about the derringer and how come it was the key to this whole masked insanity stuff - and how I knew Nash wanted to kill me because that derringer provided the necessary corroberation of what otherwise proably no one would have believed. Especially a jury. I also want to give some experience of life in a genuine psycho ward.  When you are 19 years of age you are still a teenager kid and all that goes with it.  Well, its 3am. I had better call it quits for now.

(2022-12-19, Monday)  EXTENSIVE ADDITONS AND DETAILS ON NASH CASE IN I trave; to Kansas City.  Link to Kansas City


1 A Home Again letter from Glenn 

Margo Freshwater v State of Tennessee - pdf 

An 18 year old former baby sitter goes on a murderous rampage pdf searchable. The various photos in the articles still need to be uploaded and will be done as time allows. The greater portion of this article has got it all wrong. So very wrong. Such as "But Nash was increasingly consumed by paranoid delusions that agents from the Memphis bar were after him." Sounds good but is total BS. This was the biggest travesty of all ''

Glenn Nash was declared insane''

Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack, Season 12 -1 , Full episode. Begin Margo Freshwater at 10m 44s.  At this time Margo was on the run and Unsolved Mysteries makes a plea for public help. 

Links to some of history of this Margo & Nash case. This document is in PDF but searchable, ie. the links should be accessable.

The Case of Glenn W. Nash, Attorney at Law and the murder of Hillman Robbins in Memphis, TN

Daniel McNaughton c.1856

The McNaughton rule (pronounced, and sometimes spelled, McNaughton) is any variant of the 1840s jury instruction in a criminal case when there is a defence of insanity:

that every man is to be presumed to be sane, and ... that to establish a defence on the ground of insanity, it must be clearly proved that, at the time of the committing of the act, the party accused was labouring under such a defect of reason, from disease of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing; or if he did know it, that he did not know he was doing what was wrong. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%27Naghten_rules

What's it all about?  Can you sort of summarize it all?  OK

(2022-12-19, Monday)  EXTENSIVE ADDITONS AND DETAILS ON NASH CASE IN I trave; to Kansas City.  Link to Kansas City   

and why he had to kill me and how he planned to do it.  It was all about the derringer and Dr. Harte's potential testimony - but if I was dead then Dr. Harte testimony woud never have come to light.

2022-12-05, Monday. Why Nash killed Hillmon Robbins.  Why I declined. and more. Go to link

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 - Why was this derringer - disassembled - and - left in pieces on the counter top?

1987-01-22 The Four Barrel Derringer and I Travel to Kansas City  14 pgs raw material

i.am.in.kansas.city.mo.hospita_1_.html  2022-dec-30, 1245pm I am finally come to the crux of the matter.[the most important part of the whole story] It is on its own page and may

In future episodes I will be moving the table of contents to a separate page and the contents to their own pages.  This index page will have the hyperlink as The Case of the Mask of Insanity

The four barrel derringer, scattered on the counter in pieces - was the quintessence of the evidence, all that was ever need to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the murder of Hillmon Robbins was committed with forethought and malice, planned by criminal attorney Glenn W. Nash. It was the, the missing piece of the puzzle necessary AND sufficient to establish that Attorney Glenn Nash was NEVER in any way mentally deficient much less paranoid-schitzophrenic - and therefore not in charge of his mental faculties.  Just the opposite was the case in fact.  Yet it was left on the counter top for all to see - the detectives, the state lawyers - all to see.  But they never asked and never thought to ask - why?

Why was the four barrel derringer, all taken apart, neglected as a clue to persue?  As it was, Attorney Glenn W. Nash won his trial in the The Case of the Mask of Insanity

It happened 56 years ago.

For the next page which is in development - go to McNaghten Summary Page

What has been provided so far is but a scratch from the raw notes. More to come.  Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can.

(2022-12-04)  I am summarizing letter written in January 22, 2022 which provides most of what happened in the Nash murder case and how I fit into the story.  I have other things I want to do other than dwell on the past; so I decided to summarize events but hold on to the Derringer matter until later.  It is probably obvious by now with what I have already provided. 

Things such as my experience in life in a state psychiatric hospital for three weeks are interesting in so much as what types of people you get to meet and come to know - that you will not experience in such places as riding the city bus to work, etc., or even meet on the streets of San Francisco or LA, other than those places with population of schizophrenics.  Fifty-five - sixty years ago such unfortunate people could be held in the comfort of a psychiatric hospital - which back then was NOT a "snake-pit." 

Jerry Summers, Atty at Law   On 2022-11-28 add ltr to JS and put also contents into general story

I Take Issue with Tucker Carlson


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